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As our Rollover edges ever closer to its maximum of £10,000, we are starting to get enquiries about how it all works and why there is still the weekly £1000 being won.


Here is an explanation to help you:

  • The HLP Rollover doesn’t work in the same way as the Lotto rollover, in that it is a separate prize rolling each week and not the main prize rolling until it is won.
  • Each week, HLP gives away the following GUARANTEED prizes – £1000 x 1, £100 x 3, £20 x 30 and £10 x 80.


  • The GUARANTEED prize winner’s numbers are selected by the computer software which keeps selecting sets of six digit numbers randomly until it gets a match to a player’s number.


  • In addition to these, there is the Rollover prize which starts at £200 and is NOT guaranteed until it reaches £10,000, therefore if it is not won, it ‘rolls’ to the following week’s draw, increasing in £200 increments.


  • The non-guaranteed Rollover prize number is only drawn once each week – if it doesn’t match a number to a player, it rolls.


  • If the rollover is not won for a consecutive 49 weeks and reaches £10,000 by week 50, the prize becomes GUARANTEED and WILL be won.


  • At the £10,000 rollover total, the computer continues to draw until a match is made and the prize is won.


If you have any other queries about our Rollover, please contact us.

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