We are a not-for-profit social enterprise company established in 1997, wholly owned by five hospices, located across Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire. We raise money which is used to provide care for thousands of patients and families that need hospice support in the communities local to our funding beneficiaries.

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity in Aylesbury

Michael Sobell Hospice in Northwood

Rennie Grove Hospice Care incorporating Hospice at Home Service (Herts and Bucks) and Day Hospice in St Albans

The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted

South Bucks Hospice in High Wycombe

The Hospice Lottery Partnership returned 55% of its annual income to its beneficiaries in the last financial year, which amounted to £1,075,500. Since the Partnership started in 1997, it has donated over £12 million to its partners.

We are a licenced society lottery regulated by the Gambling Commission, operating within strict guidelines laid down by the Charities Act (2011), The Gambling Act (2005), Fundraising Regulator and several other government and community agencies.

Yes, you MUST be over 16 to play The Hospice Lottery.

Entries are £1 each.

At least 55p in every £1 played is donated to the hospices (which is well above the legal requirement of 20p), approximately 10p goes into the prize fund, with 20p spent on recruiting new players and 15p covering our administrative costs. 

As a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation, The Hospice Lottery Partnership donates all surplus back to its five hospice partners. Inviting our players to play regularly also enables forward planning with sustainable recurring funds for each hospice.

By spending £1 with the Lottery every week, you get the opportunity to support your local hospice as well as the chance to win some great prizes – it’s a ‘win-win’ situation!

There are several easy ways to play The Hospice Lottery;

  1. Play as a regular weekly subscriber, paying either by direct debit or by debit or credit card on our website, or by signing up with one of our canvassers calling at your door or greeting you at various events and locations. Join for £4.34 a month or play for 13, 26 or 52 weeks at a time.
  2. Buy a single ticket for this week’s draw, available on our website or at any of the hospices’ charity shops. See individual hospice websites for locations.
  3. Play the Superdraw – we have two of these, one Summer and one Christmas, both with big top prizes. Tickets are available on our website, and also posted out to all existing players well before each draw. Simply return the ticket stubs and payment to The Hospice Lottery to be entered.
  4. Buy a gift subscription – for as little as £13, give a loved one the chance to win great prizes and support our important cause.

All tickets and subscriptions, including gift subscriptions, can be bought securely via our website

Each week there is a first prize of £1,000, three prizes of £100, thirty prizes of £20, eighty prizes of £10, plus our Rollover prize of £200 which can roll up by £200 a week to £10,000.

When you join The Hospice Lottery you are given a unique draw number. Every Friday, every player with at least £1 credit in their lottery account has their unique draw number(s) entered into our electronic draw.

The draw computer randomly selects numbers and compares these with your unique player numbers. If your number is a match, you win a prize: The computer continues selecting numbers until it has allotted all prizes each week, the first match made by the computer wins First Prize, the next 3 matches each win £100 and so on until all prizes are allotted.

If you win a prize you will automatically receive your cheque in the post. If you’ve won First Prize or the Rollover prize you may also receive a phone call from one of our team. We also publish the weekly winning numbers on our website and in the hospice’s shops.

The Rollover is a second draw that each ticket is automatically entered into free of charge each week, separately to the main prize draw. As above, a number is randomly selected by the computer, and if it matches a player or single ticket number that player wins the current prize. If the selected number does not match a player or single ticket number, the prize is rolled over.

The prize allocated to this draw is £200 per week, accumulating in further £200 lots until won. If it reaches a total of £10,000 after 50 weeks, then the jackpot becomes a guaranteed prize and is drawn as per the process listed above. Our homepage will tell you what the current total stands at.

As a result of our supporters' suggestions, in order to encourage a higher Rollover prize, we have a pre-set 5% chance of it being won. However, as the number is randomly selected, it can still be won any week..

Generally we advise each player to have up to two entries (and therefore two numbers) per draw, and single ticket purchasers a maximum of 50 tickets. Anyone wishing to purchase above these amounts should contact The Hospice Lottery staff by calling 01442 891459.

Unfortunately, no. Each play number is computer generated in the order they are received, in order to ensure that they are unique.

If you win a prize you will be automatically contacted, but the winning numbers are also published on our website every Friday, plus each hospice/shop is sent a list of winners.

You can cancel your membership by contacting The Hospice Lottery either by telephone or email. See contact details below.

Yes. The three main directives of the responsibility policy are:

  • We must prevent gambling from being a source of crime and disorder, being associated with crime and disorder, or being used to support crime
  • We must operate in a fair and open way
  • We must protect children and other vulnerable persons

The Hospice Lottery specifically does not sell to, or target older or vulnerable persons. It is a condition of our licence and in the ethos of society lotteries that older, vulnerable and underage persons are not specifically targeted, and that steps are particularly taken to protect them.

We have a system in place that verifies the age of every player, and our sales advisors are always vigilant for any signs of vulnerability, and will politely excuse themselves or refuse a sale if they judge that a player should not play for any reason.

Yes, our privacy policy is available on our website.

We communicate with people in a variety of ways in order to inform them of how we operate the Lottery, as well as promoting the work of the hospices. These methods include door-to-door marketing, attending various hospice and community events, via our hospices’ charity shops and other local retail outlets, and via volunteer ticket agents.

From years of experience, The Hospice Lottery knows that the best way to support our hospices in their work is by having face-to-face and preferably one-to-one conversations about the work that the hospices do, the way we support that work and, if the person is interested, ways in which they can play the Lottery.

Yes, we have a small team of promoters who work within Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Middlesex. A list of these promoters and the areas within which they work can be found on our Promoters page. All of our promoters carry an ID badge and Letter of Authority with them, and if anyone wants additional verification, please contact our offices on 01442 891459 for confirmation.

Our door-to-door promoters do not knock in ‘Cold Calling Zones’ or doors with ‘No Cold Caller’ signs.

Our face-to-face promoters (door-to-door, sites and events) receive an income, which is funded from a budget that is specifically allocated for the purpose of recruiting new players.

We do not use telephone recruitment services for the purposes of finding new players, although we do contact our supporters by phone from time to time.

We do not share any players’ details outside of our organisation’s own administrative processing needs. We specifically do not share player information with any third party, including our hospices, unless given explicit permission by the player to do so.

The Hospice Lottery take any complaints very seriously. All complaints are logged and immediately followed up by a senior member of staff. The resolution of the complaint is also reported to our regulator, as is legally required.

A copy of our complaint form is available on our website.

A completed complaints form can be emailed to info@hospicelottery.org.uk or posted to: The Chief Executive, The Hospice Lottery Partnership Ltd, 72-80 Akeman Street, Tring, Herts, HP23 6AF.

If a complaint is not resolved it will be referred first to the Chair-person and thereafter for arbitration to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service Limited (IBAS).

Contact us:

The Hospice Lottery Partnership

Tel: 01442 891459 email: info@hospicelottery.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hospicelottery Twitter: @hospicelottery

Or your local participating hospice as listed above.