Meet the Team

The Hospice Lottery Partnership relies on a professional core team in the office supported by dedicated administrative volunteers, ticket agents, and tireless membership promoters.

Our door-to-door promoters work in the areas listed in their details on our Membership Promoters page and our site promoters visit venues such as supermarkets, hospitals, and many local events.

Our membership promoters will be asking people to join our lottery by Direct Debit, credit or debit card and therefore will require bank information to complete the transaction. We would like to confirm that all information is collected responsibly under the Direct Debit and Data Protection regulations.

All membership promoters will be carrying ID badges and door-to-door representatives will wear branded clothing. Anyone that receives a visit from a membership promoter is reminded to ask for ID and if still not sure to call the Lottery Team on 01442 891459 for clarification. All membership promoters work within the policies and guidelines of The Hospice Lottery Partnership and The Gambling Commission regarding compliance and signing up underage and vulnerable people.