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Your chance to win cash prizes and help fund
local hospice care

When you enter The Hospice Lottery weekly draw there's the chance to win £1,000, plus 114 other cash prizes every week and best of all, you'll be raising funds to help support local hospice care.

Friday fun

There’s the chance to win a first prize of £1,000, 3 x £100, 30 x £20, 80 x £10, plus the £200 Rollover prize which can reach £10,000.

It's quick and easy to play

Play as a member by Direct Debit  from just £4.34 a month.

Play by card or PayPal where you can buy tickets for this week’s draw, or you can also play as a member for 13, 26 or 52 weeks at a time.

Winners every week

A recent £10,000 rollover winner from Aylesbury said: “Receiving the windfall really is amazing.  It will mean lots of treats for our two daughters, a family holiday and a very special meal with our parents, all things we would not have been able to do.”

Great prizes to be won every week   


The Hospices we support:

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