20 years of raising funds

21 December 2017
We are currently marking a momentous occasion and celebrating our 20th Anniversary year. Since the first draw on 8 May 1998 our supporters together have funded over £10 million of local hospice care to date and we are so proud of this achievement.

We have seen a few changes over the years including our name which was originally The 3 Hospices Lottery, based on the fact of three founding members, Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, and South Bucks Hospice.

Our name became The Hospice Lottery Partnership in 2003 when The Hospice of St Francis and Thames Hospice (members from 2003 until 2014) joined the partnership, followed closely by Michael Sobell Hospice in 2005, and Grove House in 2007.

Currently we have over 36,000 (and counting) weekly players with the hospice partners benefiting from a shared annual profit of over £1.1 million.

Have a look on Our Hospices pages to see exactly what this money means to the care and services that they each provide.

To mark the occasion, we have a new logo and a year of celebrations – more info to come.