Hospice Lottery Results


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Lottery Results

Prize Number Name Location
£1000417649Mrs D WNorthwood
£100480691Miss E DAylesbury
£10084136Mr A WAston Clinton
£20354157Mrs S HUxbridge
£2064371Mrs J BMaidenhead
£2042799Mr P SPoole
£20489193Mr T PMarlow
£2063693Mr J WSlough
£20263171Mrs E MHigh Wycombe
£20269392Ms M SAylesbury
£208180Mr M NBerkhamsted
£2058080Mr R ASlough
£20168377Mrs B CHazlemere
£20305826Mrs L MMaidenhead
£20311003Mrs R AHarpenden
£20258837Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£20636861Mrs L BBerkhamsted
£2085052Ms C SHemel Hempstead
£20289653Mr J BBerkhamsted
£20704207Mrs I GBerkhamsted
£20121186Mr D HSt. Albans
£20305814Mr B RWatford
£2026155Mr J SHemel Hempstead
£2071118Mr P RHigh Wycombe
£2010322Mrs H WBerkhamsted
£208408Mr D BGreat Missenden
£201710Ms H MPinner
£20293219Mrs B CChalfont St. Giles
£20786978Mrs G HTring
£20953390Mrs C JHemel Hempstead
£2047852Mrs G CHemel Hempstead
£2088142Ms J MHemel Hempstead
£2077647Mrs D GWindsor
£10832655Mrs L SWendover
£10701887Mr C HChesham
£10416631Mr T LPinner
£1087446Mr T SWatford
£10152310Mr S WChalfont St. Giles
£10563933Dr A HSt. Albans
£1087578Mrs M KBerkhamsted
£1018181Mr & Mrs A HAylesbury
£1074106Mrs C SChesham
£1070190Mr J HRuislip
£1015045Mr W GHigh Wycombe
£1085054Mr A BHarpenden
£1078032Mr T WWendover
£10260027Mr A CHertford
£10241190Mrs C OHarpenden
£10830434Mrs K CHemel Hempstead
£1024426Mrs M JPinner
£10482419Mrs J PRickmansworth
£1033629Mrs E FHigh Wycombe
£1045473Mrs P WChesham
£10711251Mrs A AHemel Hempstead
£10174512Mrs C BHemel Hempstead
£1037937Mrs M FChalfont St. Peter
£105728Mr W WHigh Wycombe
£10242237Mrs D KHigh Wycombe
£10453855Mr & Mrs J EHarpenden
£10184058Mrs J BIver
£10271857Mr E PSt. Albans
£1079214Mr K SUxbridge
£1078970Mr I CBourne End
£1085632Mrs M CHemel Hempstead
£10318688Mr R DPinner
£10159034Mrs M WBracknell
£1050770Mrs J MHigh Wycombe
£10457444Mrs S GHemel Hempstead
£10228700Mrs H AAylesbury
£10448113Mr W JChorleywood
£10187532Mr J ASt. Albans
£1068246Miss G RBerkhamsted
£10854227Mr D CTring
£10392713Mr M CHemel Hempstead
£10227748Mrs E WSt. Albans
£1067152Mrs S WBourne End
£10411933Mrs E WHemel Hempstead
£10156516Mr P VHigh Wycombe
£1078460Mrs A TMaidenhead
£10218227Mrs M MHigh Wycombe
£10165234Mrs E CWindsor
£1039861Mr L THarpenden
£10475745Mr B DSt. Albans
£10852772Mr A SSt. Albans
£10829792Mr S CSt. Albans
£10716820Mr M FHemel Hempstead
£1088061Mr C DWindsor
£1071057Mrs A HHemel Hempstead
£103108Mr G HMilton Keynes
£10549004Mrs P DSt. Albans
£10415035Mrs J PHigh Wycombe
£10154543Mrs P LLeighton Buzzard
£10176601Mrs S PHemel Hempstead
£1060617Miss M HRuislip
£10988713Dr A DKings Langley
£10253780Mrs M FHarpenden
£10477685Mr I PHarefield
£10441626Mrs J AAylesbury
£1060582Mrs S PTring
£10395179Mr D GStevenage
£1040580Dr. M AChesham
£1083076Miss M BReading
£10104532Mrs E CUxbridge
£10397851Mr & Mrs K MMilton Keynes
£10140Mr D WWantage
£10238646Mrs T BMaidenhead
£10112710Mr P MSt. Albans
£10192437Miss T PHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£100039010Mr M HBeaconsfield
£10045403Mrs D MHemel Hempstead
£100306411Mr L WHayes
£100187184Mr D CAylesbury
£2063046Mrs E WHigh Wycombe
£2032963Mrs S BAylesbury
£2080840Mrs M MSlough
£20156711Mrs P GGerrards Cross
£2061452Mrs J SUxbridge
£20213578Mrs A TAmersham
£2032019Mr D DAylesbury
£209084Mrs M RBerkhamsted
£20290196Ms M HAylesbury
£2070573Mr D SHarrow
£2081511Mr D WWendover
£2026205Mrs D BGreat Missenden
£2049982Mrs J MAylesbury
£2042027Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£20991612Mr C HSt. Albans
£20442419Mr M SHigh Wycombe
£20672935Mrs S MSouth Ruislip
£2017598Mrs G DHigh Wycombe
£2062725Mrs S PSt. Albans
£2059748Mrs M DSt. Albans
£20519810Mrs S GSlough
£2090274Single Ticket WinnerSwinslow
£20346993Mr C KHigh Wycombe
£2091047Mrs C WSt. Albans
£20215624Mrs S WUxbridge
£20961005Mr P KAylesbury
£2077992Mr A WWindsor
£2069891Mr R SHarpenden
£2081564Mrs R NMaidenhead
£2027345Mrs H GWindlesham
£108895Mrs J MLeighton Buzzard
£10248948Mr G JSt. Albans
£1033534Ms V OSt. Albans
£1057138Mr A EAylesbury
£1071763Mrs C WAylesbury
£10323358Mr D LHarpenden
£10653322Mr G OBuckingham
£1015707Mrs P CSt. Albans
£103986Mrs S JOld Windsor
£10404912Mr R ORickmansworth
£1034333Mrs J HAylesbury
£10430131Mr A PMarlow
£10434919Mr D HBerkhamsted
£10410693Mr J ISt. Albans
£1022643Miss D LLower Earley
£1068819Ms D FTring
£10184397Mrs E WNorthchurch
£1060197Miss M FRuislip
£10352978Miss R BFalkirk
£1012947Mrs C FNorthchurch
£1046740Mr H BNorthwood
£10618077Mr K BWendover
£10564384Mr M EPrinces Risborough
£1019683Mrs M CMaidenhead
£10451248Mr R DSt. Albans
£1038570Mr E MHemel Hempstead
£1044542Mrs V PSt. Albans
£1078887Mrs J RChesham
£107331Mrs C AOxford
£1089316Mr F TSlough
£1068832Mr D MHigh Wycombe
£1061531Mrs Y SHemel Hempstead
£10437617Mr G JWendover
£10211025Mrs S PSt. Albans
£10220208Mrs C MChalfont St. Peter
£10205974Mrs A SWindsor
£10959166Miss B LWatford
£10139524Ms R HAylesbury
£10350386Mrs P SPinner
£10413438Mrs H TLeighton Buzzard
£10359018Miss V MWoodford Green
£10227906Mrs P BLeighton Buzzard
£105819Mr R PBerkhamsted
£1071317Mrs J PChalfont St. Peter
£10857971Mrs A RSt. Albans
£1085745Ms S PChorleywood
£10446801Mr C MSt. Albans
£10689022Mr C NBerkhamsted
£10333961Mrs P TSt. Albans
£1025632Mrs D RPrinces Risborough
£10118080Ms C YHigh Wycombe
£1079874Ms T CAylesbury
£10495357Mr A GHemel Hempstead
£1087845Mrs M KRuislip
£1086119Mr R CDunstable
£10103010Mr S WGerrards Cross
£1040599Mr C FHigh Wycombe
£10273038Ms C GLuton
£1063161Mrs B CHarpenden
£10464040Mr A DAylesbury
£1019463Mrs J CHarrow
£10417340Mrs C APitstone
£10598913Mrs S TRuislip
£10761952Mrs D MSt. Albans
£10223567Mrs J RLeighton Buzzard
£10605364Mrs C MTring
£10492903Mr E PChesham
£1063691Mrs B MWindsor
£102616Mr B HAylesbury
£1057086Mrs L MSt. Albans
£1031567Mrs P LMarlow
£102544Mrs G EHigh Wycombe
£10345809Mr G ABuckingham
£10471664Miss J PAylesbury
£10535058Miss F CIver
£10702841Mr M STring
£1079167Ms C ASt. Albans
£1080204Mrs P JSt. Albans
£10421544Mrs E FTring
£1077178Mrs C SBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
£10007197Mrs G NAylesbury
£100144776Mr J BChinnor
£100555961Mr J SSt. Albans
£10086039Miss A HRickmansworth
£2087438Mrs H GChinnor
£2087159Miss A CSlough
£20122002Mr G JPinner
£206041Miss L IHemel Hempstead
£2076858Mrs L AHemel Hempstead
£20118383Mr R SSt. Albans
£20141759Mrs P PLeighton Buzzard
£2088896Mr H DSlough
£2010551Mr H APinner
£20771067Mr S THarpenden
£2035922Mrs A NStaines
£20372377Mrs P GSt. Albans
£2079877Mr M BHemel Hempstead
£20296754Mrs M KHarpenden
£209990Mr H GMaidenhead
£201878Mrs L LAylesbury
£2052001Mrs S TReading
£20323772Miss N HStevenage
£2079546Mrs E IAylesbury
£20709288Mrs S BMaidenhead
£20212710Ms R RRickmansworth
£20835328Dr N VSt. Albans
£20114486Mr J GBracknell
£20478789Mr J PUxbridge
£2030331Mr J BAylesbury
£20615354Mrs B HNorthwood
£2066314Mr C HPinner
£20404039Ms T ROxford
£20277087Mrs M TAylesbury
£10259011Mrs J DSlough
£10132730Mrs N PSt. Albans
£10171370Mr J PHemel Hempstead
£1036366Mrs D RSt. Albans
£10167307Mrs P VSlough
£10334557Mr A WKings Langley
£1040766Mrs P DHemel Hempstead
£1034810Mrs J EBerkhamsted
£10471240Mrs R MPinner
£1022813Mrs J BBerkhamsted
£10315029Mrs M FTring
£10243902Ms D ABerkhamsted
£10698997Mr N HWinslow
£1017394Mrs P DRuislip
£105722Mrs L RAylesbury
£10530435Mrs C SPinner
£10353893Mrs D BHemel Hempstead
£10353846Mrs S FMaidenhead
£1029954Mrs J MPrinces Risborough
£10728480Mr J DHemel Hempstead
£1025550Mr N JReading
£10959156Mrs J SBuckingham
£10344849Mrs E DWatford
£10347962Mr D SSt. Albans
£109657Mrs E CPinner
£1048159Mrs J JMonks Risborough
£10908584Miss C NChalfont St. Peter
£1062481Mrs J RChesham
£10452166Mrs M PHemel Hempstead
£10241282Mr N PHarrow
£10492765Mr P MAylesbury
£1025685Mr E TTring
£1027521Mrs J MHigh Wycombe
£10439967Mrs B LMarlow
£1013342Mr P RKings Langley
£1060933Mr & Mrs P SAylesbury
£1045548Mrs C HSt. Albans
£1086425Mrs H SMaidenhead
£10425008Mr J BLeighton Buzzard
£10884438Mrs H BHarpenden
£1045535Mrs M LHemel Hempstead
£1070179Mrs J BSt. Albans
£1018596Mrs D BKingsbridge
£10483466Mr H OChalfont St. Peter
£10487780Mr P RSt. Albans
£10673500Mrs D RHemel Hempstead
£1089360Mrs M VKings Langley
£1037782Mrs G TAbbots Langley
£10190580Mrs G SHayes
£1059201Ms M GChesham
£1022180Mr D TChesham
£10368435Mrs J GWatford
£1013004Mrs P RHarpenden
£1080303Mrs C GMaidenhead
£10684409Mrs S RMarlow
£10738091Miss C ETring
£10127326Mr R GAylesbury
£10970447Mrs S RAmersham
£1069958Mrs N GHigh Wycombe
£10310898Mrs M PLeighton Buzzard
£1055711Mrs E BAmersham
£10300507Mrs S ESt. Albans
£10218143Miss J CHigh Wycombe
£10247151Mr A SAylesbury
£10661148Mr M WSt. Albans
£10847510Mrs L WHemel Hempstead
£10154436Ms R SKings Langley
£1019483Mrs J BHarpenden
£10224087Mr R BSt. Albans
£1083302Mr S CSt. Albans
£10208832Ms M PPinner
£1040620Mr N BAmersham
£1048456Mrs . BReading
£10787196Mrs D GSt. Albans
£1061750Mrs A RAylesbury
£1026418Mr M KBerkhamsted
£10395352Mrs B HAylesbury
Prize Number Name Location
Prize Number Name Location
£1000403819Mr C BSt. Albans
£100939319Mrs L CHemel Hempstead
£100286584Mrs L BSt. Albans
£100109931Ms S NHemel Hempstead
£2041871Mrs G JChalfont St. Peter
£2040498Mrs P BAston Clinton
£20117927Mr D FSt. Albans
£20370235Mrs F KBovingdon
£2030809Mrs M RGreat Missenden
£2032484Mrs L FTring
£2067957Mrs P SAylesbury
£20232136Mrs L FAylesbury
£20492803Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£20181150Mrs L DHolmer Green
£20601658Mr J RHigh Wycombe
£2075877Miss H PSt. Albans
£2091022Mrs C KSt. Albans
£2056935Mrs R WBristol
£20357600Mrs I BBracknell
£20169162Mr A DAndover
£2084678Mrs S BLeighton Buzzard
£20496978Ms N SSlough
£2023835Mrs J THigh Wycombe
£2046959Mr D HBourne End
£20849145Mr J DHemel Hempstead
£2065097Mrs D BRuislip
£20236988Mrs J DHarpenden
£20815843Mr L WNorthwood
£2074774Mrs S JMacclesfield
£20417881Mrs S LWatford
£20246937Mrs L WWheathampstead
£20194846Mrs J GSt. Albans
£2064823Mrs J TPinner
£20174123Mrs V BWigan
£10875731Mrs M HNorthwood
£10139524Ms R HAylesbury
£1064418Dr. A JHarpenden
£10678085Mr S WBushey
£1059521Mrs A SChesham
£10314505Mrs A PWindsor
£10193373Mr R CRushden
£1072267Mrs A GHaddenham
£1066831Mrs M WSlough
£10107902Ms W BLeighton Buzzard
£1075612Mrs G DHayes
£1071267Mr J SWindsor
£1012126Mrs E WRickmansworth
£10632478Mrs D TRickmansworth
£108907Mrs M SUxbridge
£10982485Mr P BLeighton Buzzard
£1067582Ms J YAbbots Langley
£103793Mr A DHarpenden
£10209203Mr P MBerkhamsted
£10417662Mrs S BBracknell
£10163932Mrs M WChalfont St. Giles
£10415839Mrs I HUxbridge
£10415501Mrs D BMaidenhead
£101615Miss R SAylesbury
£10458553Mr C YAylesbury
£1041196Mr M CChertsey
£10949659Mrs K GTring
£1088718Mrs C SHarpenden
£1043688Mr R FChinnor
£10381940Mrs A MWellingborough
£10782358Mr J WSt. Albans
£10740706Miss G WWendover
£10374308Mrs J BSt. Albans
£10412404Mr D PLeighton Buzzard
£1071485Miss L TUxbridge
£10194040Ms J SHemel Hempstead
£10381102Ms C JMarlow
£1040047Ms M BHemel Hempstead
£10146563Mrs N FPrinces Risborough
£10782596Mr K MNorthwood
£10850307Mr N KBerkhamsted
£10376381Mrs M SRickmansworth
£10847468Mrs J WAylesbury
£1054500Mr J LHarpenden
£1049253Mrs A MPrinces Risborough
£10400866Miss C GAbbots Langley
£1047253Mrs M HBerkhamsted
£10234828Mrs B SAscot
£10357800Mrs A CUxbridge
£1081699Mr G TGerrards Cross
£10241546Mrs V MNorthwood
£103824Mrs S MTring
£1010534Mrs C PSt. Albans
£10294099Miss N OGreat Missenden
£1042624Mrs P WLeighton Buzzard
£1091054Mrs A SHarpenden
£1056854Mr N CBracknell
£10280860Mr M FBerkhamsted
£1043566Mrs G KHemel Hempstead
£10427360Mr R PHemel Hempstead
£104513Mrs K GHemel Hempstead
£1086721Mr G PHemel Hempstead
£10754833Mrs R RHemel Hempstead
£10670906Mrs T NBerkhamsted
£104308Mrs J BWindsor
£10477411Mr I CSt. Albans
£10715111Mr N RAylesbury
£10385529Mrs J RHigh Wycombe
£1088220Miss M HBerkhamsted
£1088542Mrs S WSt. Albans
£1068707Mrs R CHarpenden
£1081983Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£10221488Doctor J NSt. Albans
£1019126Mrs C WAylesbury
£1066460Mr T OCrowthorne
£104816Mrs D FKings Langley
£1091526Mrs J GBerkhamsted
£1061358Mrs M RNorthwood
£10355536Mrs L RTring
£104759Ms S PHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£100031786Mrs K HHillingdon
£100232635Mrs M SBracknell
£100294605Mrs N HLeighton Buzzard
£10013172Ms C ETring
£2060344Mrs S KNorthwood
£2060522Mrs M NAscot
£2034560Mrs J PSt. Albans
£20134381Mrs L SHigh Wycombe
£207462Mr N HHigh Wycombe
£2030187Mrs G ATenbury Wells
£20956993Mrs S OIckenham
£20338920Mrs A HMarlow
£2019616Mrs M PHemel Hempstead
£2035529Mr T BAylesbury
£20233591Mr D FBracknell
£20362800Mrs M BMaidenhead
£2068121Mrs L WMaidenhead
£20214357Mrs R PHigh Wycombe
£20210902Mrs J GBracknell
£2083356Mrs G PMarlow
£20272132Mrs P BChalfont St. Peter
£20103080Mr J JAbbots Langley
£20324566Mrs S BRuislip
£2045003Mrs R RRickmansworth
£20113933Mrs P WAmersham
£20337526Mr E BBerkhamsted
£2089378Dr. K BSt. Albans
£20385839Mrs H MSt. Albans
£20277431Mr R HHigh Wycombe
£20506181Mrs B NBicester
£201205Mr G HRuislip
£201596Mrs J DHemel Hempstead
£20842576Mr P PAmersham
£20197238Mrs J MHazlemere
£1061426Mrs N DRuislip
£10940Mr M MTring
£10541Mrs M DAylesbury
£10237909Miss C CSt. Albans
£10402266Mr J HSt. Albans
£10282106Mr P AAylesbury
£10809239Mr B JMarlow
£10315255Mrs C CGreat Missenden
£1082606Mr A PAylesbury
£10201958Mrs S CAylesbury
£10694133Mrs J WHemel Hempstead
£10148601Mrs B BWindsor
£1033973Mrs D BSt. Albans
£1029320Mrs J MSt. Albans
£10163461Miss S THemel Hempstead
£1088396Mrs M HBerkhamsted
£1055749Mrs J PWindsor
£106852Mrs P FHigh Wycombe
£1084519Mrs J CWendover
£10434925Mr P WTring
£10216821Mr I KHemel Hempstead
£1012103Mr D WChorleywood
£1065884Mrs M HAscot
£10871Mrs C BPinner
£10473913Mrs W TSt. Albans
£1045894Mrs P SAscot
£10397160Miss A FBushey
£105326Mrs J BBeaconsfield
£10114414Mr R WWooburn Green
£10172426Mr N SSt. Albans
£10589745Mr D CHigh Wycombe
£1078241Mrs J CMaidenhead
£10246174Mrs S BHigh Wycombe
£10344704Mr D LBovingdon
£10288497Mrs S LHarefield
£1089001Mrs S CKings Langley
£1061114Mrs R NStanmore
£10655630Mrs S HAylesbury
£10831112Mr G BRushden
£1090461Ms J HHazlemere
£10812683Mrs K HBerkhamsted
£10263977Mrs J CHarrow
£10925076Mr C LHemel Hempstead
£101584Mr R CAylesbury
£1031767Mrs D JHemel Hempstead
£1062786Mrs A SHigh Wycombe
£10938282Mr P PSt. Albans
£1066962Mrs A MAylesbury
£1077438Mrs A GWinslow
£10322177Mrs W ESt. Albans
£10233666Mrs I HAscot
£10245202Mr P BHemel Hempstead
£1071143Mr B RHigh Wycombe
£1079615Mrs Q GSt. Albans
£10299327Mr E TKendal
£1062711Mrs G HHarpenden
£10192357Mrs B WStanmore
£10435Mr A WHigh Wycombe
£1048340Dr. N RHemel Hempstead
£10413193Ms J HBrixton
£1033441Mrs K WHemel Hempstead
£103442Mrs S LAylesbury
£1073997Mrs P GAmersham
£10416631Mr T LPinner
£1065821Mrs L MRuislip
£10147Mrs M RWendover
£1030790Mrs S EWindsor
£10280860Mr M FBerkhamsted
£10390Mrs T MMaidenhead
£10210130Mrs L WBerkhamsted
£10158062Mr A PHemel Hempstead
£10168568Mr A WSt. Albans
£1031171Miss W CHemel Hempstead
£1035870Mrs J BBuckingham
£1047151Mrs J KFlackwell Heath
£10158639Mrs E HSt. Albans
£1060650Mrs S SRedbourn
£10370108Mr A FHayes
£10412161Mrs B LSt. Albans
£1051584Ms Z BSt. Albans
Prize Number Name Location
£10002201Mrs A FFarnham Common
£100279379Mrs J HTring
£10064008Mrs T PUxbridge
£100227306Mrs H MHeronsgate
£2021582Mrs L MHarpenden
£202433Mrs F MAylesbury
£2030586Mr C HHazlemere
£20984445Miss K HRickmansworth
£2060821Mr J HAylesbury
£205917Mr J WAylesbury
£20773548Mr E SAylesbury
£2028994Mr C SGreat Missenden
£20212136Mr J MRedbourn
£2061402Mrs S IHigh Wycombe
£2021899Mr B SSt. Albans
£2075754Mrs L FKings Langley
£2032266Mrs J PAscot
£20160482Mrs I KChesham
£20593613Mrs W SHigh Wycombe
£2019747Mrs D MNorthwood
£2046243Mr G LAbbots Langley
£20400714Mrs N BLeicester
£2076380Mrs C BBerkhamsted
£2083701Mr P EPinner
£2049202Mrs P SHigh Wycombe
£2085712Mrs N DBerkhamsted
£20794694Mrs A NHarpenden
£20605440Mrs M SSt. Albans
£2083483Mrs J CGreat Gaddesden
£20421437Mr M WSt. Albans
£2032841Mr G PSlough
£2075461Mr C DKings Langley
£20163148Mr W ANorthwood
£20407711Mr E KAylesbury
£1073495Mrs K BRickmansworth
£102313Mrs P GUxbridge
£10418548Mr W KBracknell
£105106Mr J RAmersham
£1090311Miss P FBeaconsfield
£10903527Mr P BBerkhamsted
£10246644Mr A MDunstable
£10257005Mrs V CWatford
£10204832Mr M BAylesbury
£1014701Mrs C DAylesbury
£10294612Ms M CHemel Hempstead
£1040341Mr S SBorehamwood
£101899Mrs S AWendover
£105053Mr M CChristchurch
£10344670Mrs J MHarefield
£1037293Mrs A BPrinces Risborough
£1026742Mrs E CBerkhamsted
£1077408Ms R CWatford
£10404222Mrs E MRuislip
£1073440Mrs L ESt. Albans
£1014253Mrs I GMarlow
£1019734Mrs D TAylesbury
£10156918Mr A CHigh Wycombe
£1023470Ms S HSt. Albans
£10269922Mrs P HSt. Albans
£10823799Miss S FAylesbury
£10152216Mr M QSt. Albans
£1026702Mrs C WWooburn Green
£1073138Mr G MHemel Hempstead
£1036046Mr B SRuislip
£1077481Mrs B GThame
£10749912Mrs M GRuislip
£10256019Mrs S HWatford
£1060323Mrs S TSt. Albans
£1035391Mrs W CHigh Wycombe
£1089828Miss L DSlough
£10473306Mr P TWatford
£10437646Mr D SWindsor
£1049272Mrs E CHigh Wycombe
£10411413Mr R CMarlow
£10434714Mrs M FSt. Albans
£1074167Ms T PMaidenhead
£1021467Mrs J TTring
£1058913Mrs J OWindsor
£10410026Mr K YMarlow
£1065402Mr K WChesham
£1040217Mr P SBerkhamsted
£107385Mr P LTowcester
£1019919Mrs V JAylesbury
£1049549Ms E SSt. Albans
£1012232Mrs F GBeaconsfield
£1060043Mrs J PHigh Wycombe
£10851494Mr D LAylesbury
£10269389Mr K GSt. Albans
£1010554Mr D KWinslow
£10118645Mrs S CHemel Hempstead
£10213850Ms M BChesham
£10487235Mr J WHemel Hempstead
£1067196Miss B BSouthall
£1059938Mrs M MTring
£1056840Mrs A GCroxley Green
£1088483Mrs M CMarlow
£1086090Mrs M TBerkhamsted
£1064270Mrs S DHemel Hempstead
£1079771Mrs R BBerkhamsted
£10233821Miss L DTring
£1065056Ms J DHigh Wycombe
£1022332Mrs P WKings Langley
£1059142Miss A TShepperton
£10506181Mrs B NBicester
£1039364Mr D KTring
£1052770Mr R CRuislip
£10256765Mr T MMaidenhead
£10326912Mrs A BChesham
£10113293Mrs J THemel Hempstead
£10411094Mrs M TPinner
£109108Mrs J CHemel Hempstead
£1022776Mrs J WBerkhamsted
£1087267Mr M FAylesbury
£1074531Mrs E WSt. Albans
Prize Number Name Location
£100050318Mrs D BColnbrook
£10045241Mr J THemel Hempstead
£10074843Mrs S HMaidenhead
£100129323Mr G KHemel Hempstead
£2090009Mrs S FAylesbury
£20205956Mr R CHigh Wycombe
£2035037Ms J CGerrards Cross
£20141497Mr S YHemel Hempstead
£2069333Mrs L EWheathampstead
£20741469Mrs S AHemel Hempstead
£2078571Mrs J CSt. Albans
£2087133Mr G ABuckingham
£2064648Mrs A STring
£2091385Mrs P WNorthwood
£2087862Mr H HWindsor
£20221689Mrs J GPinner
£2061704Mrs S GWallingford
£20845646Miss C LHemel Hempstead
£2019398Mrs M FSt. Albans
£2090293Ms S GAylesbury
£2088102Mrs S HCroxley Green
£208333Mrs J WAston Clinton
£2022954Mrs J MSt. Albans
£20627098Mr N BUxbridge
£20692453Mrs L SHemel Hempstead
£20208106Mr A PRuislip
£2087592Mrs S HWokingham
£2037783Mr B SWindsor
£20238332Mrs S BBerkhamsted
£20661613Mrs M GTring
£20214364Mrs I RRuislip
£20974914Mrs L BHigh Wycombe
£2090151Mrs L EAylesbury
£2023688Mr J PSt. Albans
£1013503Mr P MSt. Albans
£1051312Mrs E LSt. Albans
£10422338Mrs M MAmersham
£109196Mrs L HChalfont St. Giles
£1080551Mrs J GBerkhamsted
£10622687Mrs J CHemel Hempstead
£1090290Ms S GAylesbury
£1043742Mr P DBerkhamsted
£10194121Mr B MChipperfield
£10350764Mr R GHigh Wycombe
£10542073Ms L WBourne End
£1038746Mrs J HMarlow
£10225226Mrs F NHigh Wycombe
£1031972Mr R MGreat Missenden
£10114075Mr B BCrowthorne
£1016225Mr J RWatford
£1036002Mrs L LSlough
£1054237Mrs L HSt. Albans
£10455597Miss B WChesham
£1033864Mr F SRickmansworth
£10110784Mrs G SSt. Albans
£10330504Mr C GUxbridge
£10168009Miss L FSt. Albans
£1034904Mrs R WAylesbury
£10890222Mrs V WRuislip
£103632Miss A AAylesbury
£1021247Mrs G PKings Langley
£10119164Mrs L WUxbridge
£10108184Miss F CRedbourn
£1074134Mrs J TSt. Albans
£107679Mr V ETring
£10216568Mrs M CHenley-On-Thames
£10235611Mrs R HIckenham
£1041227Mrs D RHarefield
£10108162Mr P WHigh Wycombe
£10144379Mrs E JIckenham
£1022813Mrs J BBerkhamsted
£1051696Mrs M BWatford
£1071579Mrs R MSt. Albans
£1079875Mr A SWindsor
£10131235Dr N THigh Wycombe
£1013115Mrs H BReading
£107623Mrs B HVirginia Water
£10178487Mr N EBeaconsfield
£10406616Mr C WSt. Albans
£103858Mrs E BLeighton Buzzard
£10252031Mrs J AHemel Hempstead
£10416897Mrs P NHatfield
£10251516Mrs I TChinnor
£1011383Ms J HBath
£1025198Dr. C HHigh Wycombe
£10391272Mr S FHigh Wycombe
£10298016Mr J WGreat Missenden
£10328263Ms D CRickmansworth
£1052838Mr M SWindsor
£10219250Mrs A BHayes
£1010211Mrs B PHigh Wycombe
£1086113Mr M RPrinces Risborough
£1021758Mrs E BSt. Albans
£10412652Mrs F BSt. Albans
£1053484Mrs J PNorthchurch
£10280313Mrs J TWindlesham
£1060022Mrs S AHayes
£10498227Mr A CFinchley
£1056529Mrs J STring
£1023498Mrs A WBerkhamsted
£10270883Miss S FSt. Albans
£1034482Mrs J MHemel Hempstead
£1024938Mr I LDatchet
£1020236Miss P BHarefield
£1058352Mrs D WKings Langley
£10803086Mrs L NAmersham
£10482777Mr D URuislip
£10431394Mr J SBarnet
£1088225Mrs H HNorthwood
£10289471Mr P CHemel Hempstead
£10994994Mrs A MHigh Wycombe
£107619Mrs N SBerkhamsted
£1090750Mrs P WFlackwell Heath
£10439237Mrs J SUxbridge
Prize Number Name Location
£100037657Mrs J ABeaconsfield
£100138682Mrs J HAylesbury
£10013199Mr D WPrinces Risborough
£100452458Mr J HAylesbury
£2055872Mrs A BTring
£2046957Mrs S THemel Hempstead
£20283214Miss K WHemel Hempstead
£2087723Ms P GHigh Wycombe
£20392101Mrs S CAylesbury
£208842Mrs L NAylesbury
£20280945Mr J SMarlow
£206230Mrs J APenn
£20268210Mrs S EWindsor
£2047672Mr N IRickmansworth
£2025050Miss V HBerkhamsted
£2066377Mrs S EMaidenhead
£2032850Mr L NStanmore
£2029491Mrs A BHemel Hempstead
£2053967Mrs A APotters Bar
£2086418Mrs M GAylesbury
£2060299Mrs B CBorehamwood
£20331834Mr R CHemel Hempstead
£20160353Mrs V LChesham
£20354746Mr R CHemel Hempstead
£20477363Mrs L SCheddington
£2091472Mrs A LSingle Ticket Winner
£2013012Mr P OMaidenhead
£2032762Mrs E NRuislip
£20744920Mrs D GSt. Albans
£20201833Mrs S HBournemouth
£2016482Mrs S BSt. Albans
£2091568Mrs I RSingle Ticket Winner
£20431394Mr J SBarnet
£2090135Mrs T ESingle Ticket Winner
£10184780Mrs J HBourne End
£1049952Mr M RHatfield
£1084417Mrs P ZHarpenden
£10843173Mr A HKings Langley
£10444450Mr D HIckenham
£1046010Mrs J MHigh Wycombe
£10351482Mr M FMaidenhead
£1057138Mr A EAylesbury
£101972Mrs G VAylesbury
£10515580Mrs V WHigh Wycombe
£10394750Mrs I FNorthwood
£1029515Mr C RHazlemere
£1078819Mrs M MNorthwood
£10895794Mr M BChesham
£10751492Mrs E HHemel Hempstead
£1078222Mrs F GWatford
£1017847Ms J WNorthwood
£10366362Mr C PAylesbury
£1090402Mrs S LPenn
£1021515Mr D JPrinces Risborough
£1037782Mrs G TAbbots Langley
£10479906Mr M FHigh Wycombe
£10485563Miss J WHemel Hempstead
£1025082Mr & Mrs D MSt. Albans
£1090860Mr P BAmersham
£1067560Mr G RHemel Hempstead
£1017916Mrs B HSlough
£1080319Mrs L HBerkhamsted
£10574103Mr E JTring
£1041602Mrs L DKings Lynn
£1067900Mrs A MKings Langley
£10243665Mr L MAylesbury
£10275499Ms V AWatford
£1087183Mr . EHarpenden
£1016553Mrs V PNorthchurch
£10243445Mrs A MTring
£10198850Mr P TBerkhamsted
£108310Mr B HPitstone
£10371032Mrs K APrestwood
£1058202Mrs J TMarlow
£1084693Ms B TTring
£1041271Mrs R MChesham
£1052660Mrs M DHarpenden
£10351015Mrs J RAylesbury
£1039262Mr D MHemel Hempstead
£10159801Mrs S VRuislip
£1045607Ms A TAylesbury
£1064865Mrs D DWendover
£10173818Mrs H SUxbridge
£1087237Ms K CSt. Albans
£1017660Mrs V KPrinces Risborough
£1016623Mrs J GAylesbury
£1010793Mr A JGreat Missenden
£10183760Ms R WSt. Albans
£10454422Miss A SHemel Hempstead
£1034246Mrs H GChesham
£10427587Mr & Mrs M WChalfont St. Peter
£10375285Ms L HRedbourn
£10442797Mr J PWinslow
£10378852Mr M WSt. Albans
£1038109Mrs B CBeaconsfield
£1013200Mrs A CSt. Albans
£1064253Mrs R MBerkhamsted
£103542Mr N FAylesbury
£10825163Mr C RWinslow
£1039728Mrs E NPrestwood
£1037769Mrs O BMarlow
£10191432Mrs D HAylesbury
£1090833Mrs S TSingle Ticket Winner
£1083350Mrs C VMilton Keynes
£10415456Mr B GBracknell
£10423793Mr & Mrs R CChesham
£10148601Mrs B BWindsor
£10389916Mrs D LLeighton Buzzard
£10324478Mrs R HRuislip
£10358744Mr D CMarlow
£1019320Mrs M HHarpenden
£10313818Mrs M HWendover
£1090366Mrs C MSingle Ticket Winner
Prize Number Name Location
£1000180306Mrs K WHarefield
£100302929Mrs J HFlackwell Heath
£100133327Mrs T BSt Albans
£10035339Mr K TCalvert
£2053879Mrs J JHemel Hempstead
£20406344Mrs J LMaidenhead
£2063448Mrs C SAylesbury
£2024978Mrs J ABovingdon
£2022425Mrs J THemel Hempstead
£20428440Mr K FCookham
£2083125Miss L AHemel Hempstead
£20103930Mr O FChelmsford
£20937482Mr S JHigh Wycombe
£2069705Mrs V MBerkhamsted
£207636Ms J DSt. Albans
£20192671Mr H CNortholt
£20477870Mrs S THarpenden
£20252126Mrs B PHigh Wycombe
£2081340Mr G DTring
£2016411Mrs D LSeer Green
£2028315Miss S TFlackwell Heath
£2048570Mrs C WSt. Albans
£2067506Miss S LRickmansworth
£2040969Mr G SHemel Hempstead
£2065950Mrs C JHarpenden
£20252416Mrs H BRuislip
£2054319Mrs E LGerrards Cross
£20734231Mr S HSt. Albans
£2061674Mrs M TAylesbury
£2080918Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£2026440Mrs L DAscot
£2045441Lady B BMaidenhead
£20295707Mr G RWelwyn
£20193329Mrs G FLoudwater
£1060240Mrs M PTring
£10631076Miss J SWooburn Green
£10553043Mrs C FMarlow
£10179499Mr S BGreat Missenden
£10509138Miss K HBerkhamsted
£1030107Miss P HUxbridge
£1054534Mr W CWheathampstead
£1072977Mrs G DTring
£10993652Mr A KNorthwood
£10152337Mrs G TMaidenhead
£10879875Mr S SMaidenhead
£1091985Ms G GRotherham
£1066643Miss A AQuainton
£10176222Mr R LAylesbury
£1031709Mrs C FSlough
£1058138Mrs L RWindsor
£10124706Mrs E SUxbridge
£1091724V NHigh Wycombe
£1028877Mrs S WMaidenhead
£1061975Mrs B PAmersham
£10533600Mr D MHazlemere
£1068879Mrs P BRedbourn
£1011543Ms P GSt. Albans
£10197645Mrs J SBourne End
£10177321Mr R JHemel Hempstead
£1072091Mr B RBerkhamsted
£105413Mrs M GLeighton Buzzard
£10996368Mrs G WSt. Albans
£10471844Ms L SSt. Albans
£1032916Mr D BAylesbury
£108588Mr G SHemel Hempstead
£1077895Mrs K KHarpenden
£10242346Mrs C PHenley-on-thames
£1091472Single TicketChesham
£10329172Mrs D PHemel Hempstead
£10939530Mr M WStoke Hammond
£1012679Mrs B DQuainton
£1053414Mrs J CChinnor
£1025714Ms J AKings Langley
£1091949Mr G BChinnor
£10334808Mrs N BPinner
£1064628Miss K HRickmansworth
£1044187Mrs K RPitstone
£1026209Miss S BBuckingham
£1063079Mrs J FHazlemere
£1082337Mrs V LChesham
£10708688Mr B WHemel Hempstead
£1025185Mr A BAylesbury
£1085653Mr G HTring
£10454509Mrs A KSt Albans
£10198812Dr. R JSt. Albans
£105863Mrs M GHemel Hempstead
£10604111Mr C KHarefield
£10203518Mrs B JBricket Wood
£10306670Mrs E ELowndes Way
£1064312Mr S BSt Albans
£10285137Mrs D BHemel Hempstead
£1049796Miss A SCookham
£10334048Miss C GMarlow
£1070051Mrs H HWheathampstead
£1085543Mrs K GThame
£1011874Mr A HCranleigh
£1065684Mrs D RRickmansworth
£10282043Mr S KBushey
£1025574Mr P AAylesbury
£10450362Mrs M HWesthorpe
£10908146Mrs R WHemel Hempstead
£1028323Mrs M OSt. Albans
£1068955Mr J CBurnham
£10175160Mr C SHemel Hempstead
£1047024Mr J HCrowthorne
£1017549Miss V HWindsor
£10235792Mr A BPinner
£10221876Mrs J SMilton Keynes
£10580761Ms K HSt. Albans
£10315325Mr C RHigh Wycombe
£1039090Mr J RChalfont St. Giles
£1068754Miss M HChinnor
£10293481Mr A FBerkhamsted
£1051518Mrs M BWelwyn Garden City

Superdraw Results

Prize Number Name Location
M&S voucher57531Mr P SChesham
M&S voucher345204Mr P DHarpenden
M&S voucher318758Mrs HKings Langley
M&S voucher313603Ms J CBerkhamsted
M&S voucher308977Mrs D SHigh Wycombe
M&S voucher132658Mrs J RAmersham
M&S voucher341909Mr J DWatford
M&S voucher342743Mrs D SHemel Hempstead
M&S voucher63326Ms R NRickmansworth
M&S voucher44128Mr M BAylesbury
Prize Number Name Location
1st323432Mrs BWendover
2nd319999Mrs AGreat Kingshill
3rd30077Mr CHigh Wycombe
4th (1)331047Mrs FTring
4th (2)300854Ms SAylesbury
4th (3)330724Mrs FDenham
4th (4)40457Miss MTring
4th (5)332420Mrs GBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
M&S voucher302641Miss P RHigh Wycombe
M&S voucher248526Mrs M DThame
M&S voucher117113Mrs K TWindsor
M&S voucher349734Mrs E WHarpenden
M&S voucher19521Mr G PAylesbury
M&S voucher65734Mr L PPrestwood
M&S voucher217424Mr A SAylesbury
M&S voucher345932Mrs C SUxbridge
M&S voucher253121Mr J GMaidenhead
M&S voucher245345Mrs B WMaidenhead

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