Hospice Lottery Results


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Lottery Results

Prize Number Name Location
£1000236971Mr D CLeighton Buzzard
£100400546Mrs S GBracknell
£10083570Mr A FHemel Hempstead
£100217700Mr R SAylesbury
£2083410Mr R LBerkhamsted
£20988804Mrs M PPinner
£2069596Ms V OSt. Albans
£20992613Mr M DSt. Albans
£20288833Mrs A GHemel Hempstead
£20276388Ms A MBuckingham
£20760943Mr A CHigh Wycombe
£20682435Mr A MMarlow
£2025966Mr C GChesham
£2042383Mr R GUxbridge
£20316175Dr. K FSt. Albans
£20156464Mrs K MHigh Wycombe
£2049284Mr G SBracknell
£20647103Mr M GWembley
£2041225Mrs R AWeston Turville
£20390Mrs T MMaidenhead
£2031594Mrs E FWest Drayton
£2053344Mr . TSt. Albans
£209243Mrs A HWindsor
£2028709Mr R BBourne End
£20789437Mrs N WHemel Hempstead
£209143Mr E LMaidenhead
£20784065Miss E WBerkhamsted
£20777264Mrs K RSt. Albans
£20855943Mr P EHigh Wycombe
£20280679Mrs S NAylesbury
£10162265Mrs M KGreat Missenden
£1065308Miss J HAmersham
£1083176Mr M JMaidenhead
£1044357Mr S MLeighton Buzzard
£10160770Miss R LLeighton Buzzard
£1059433Mrs M HHemel Hempstead
£10300194Mr D MKings Langley
£10771251Mrs A PHemel Hempstead
£10228480Mr S PSt. Albans
£10441759Mr S MMarlow
£10521355Mr D HMaidenhead
£10994173Mrs J JRickmansworth
£1039111Mrs E DHigh Wycombe
£10323528Mrs M DSlough
£10252416Mrs H BRuislip
£10165898Mr I RMarlow
£1064207Mrs J RBuckingham
£10531125Mr B SGreat Missenden
£10363661Mrs P GPinner
£10895005Mr R KChalfont St. Peter
£10876716Mrs M HHemel Hempstead
£10134590Mr G PRedbourn
£10290487Mrs L DHigh Wycombe
£1017300Mrs E MTring
£10332713Mr A CBushey
£1081198Mrs J OBerkhamsted
£10471631Mr G DBracknell
£10955833Ms J WAylesbury
£10164259Mr R CSt. Albans
£1089647Mrs M WChesham
£10177284Miss M GHigh Wycombe
£10548589Mr B HBuckingham
£10827959Mr J MThame
£1038767Mrs J THigh Wycombe
£10255747Mr J BNorthwood
£10583439Mrs V EWatford
£10312316Ms R SHigh Wycombe
£108625Mrs G DHarpenden
£10299372Mrs G HSlough
£10228909Mrs E HHemel Hempstead
£10105959Mrs L WHemel Hempstead
£10413626Mrs J JHigh Wycombe
£10641545Mr J DLondon Colney
£10290464Mrs S LNorthwood
£10240498Mrs C MHemel Hempstead
£10138561Mrs J HChesham
£10381289Miss R GBerkhamsted
£10391138Mr C DBracknell
£10942634Mrs A HRuislip
£10104739Mrs A RBerkhamsted
£1052475Mr R MGreat Missenden
£1025940Mr D HReading
£10167167Mrs C ASt. Albans
£1045860Mrs D DHemel Hempstead
£1037657Mrs J ABeaconsfield
£1085489Mr D BBerkhamsted
£1078359Mrs V JHemel Hempstead
£10173219Miss C SSt. Albans
£1037180Mr M GBerkhamsted
£101302Mrs E PHazlemere
£1077408Ms C CWatford
£108447Mrs S BMaidenhead
£10265884Mrs A LAmersham
£1051618Mr B FSt. Albans
£1044205Mrs E PAylesbury
£10126890Mrs A KBerkhamsted
£1050441Mrs S RHigh Wycombe
£1084873Mrs M MSt. Albans
£10332223Mr R LMarlow
£1062231Mr C GRickmansworth
£1010615Miss A SHigh Wycombe
£1025819Mrs J CGreat Missenden
£10523381Mr J DLeighton Buzzard
£10448481Mrs C HSt. Albans
£10942847Mr W BAylesbury
£1053272Mr B BEast Claydon
£10331221Mrs A WDunstable
£10522739Mr G BHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£1000781267Ms P CKings Langley
£10086914Mrs Y HCrowthorne
£10031594Mrs E FWest Drayton
£100343769Miss L TLuton
£2059065Mrs C SBovingdon
£20103801Mrs P PEllesmere Port
£20340562Mr P AHayes
£20584087Mr G SWatford
£20765Miss A NWest Drayton
£20126356Mrs M RSt. Albans
£20524733Mr D HBerkhamsted
£2024739Mr A HWendover
£20753431Mrs G FChesham
£2035870Mrs J BBuckingham
£20373275Miss J JAylesbury
£2079209Mrs M WStevenage
£2014442Mr C MAylesbury
£20817714Mrs S SRedbourn
£2063729Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£20234386Mrs S DHigh Wycombe
£2055060Mrs K RHolmer Green
£20464404Mrs G ARuislip
£2026012Mr A AChinnor
£2019125Mrs J WHarefield
£20687432Ms E BChesham
£20827670Mrs J SAmersham
£2020574Mr J HCheddington
£2054871Ms L SSt. Albans
£20147349Ms J OHemel Hempstead
£2079877Mr M BHemel Hempstead
£2066582Ms J GTring
£20600211Dr C TSt. Albans
£20984907Mr R FChesham
£20600563Miss J BBerkhamsted
£10877754Mrs J BBricket Wood
£108728Mr P FChesham
£10252653Mr D MSt. Albans
£1014800Mrs P NHemel Hempstead
£1047365Mr R PWheathampstead
£10290626Mrs B THemel Hempstead
£10778496Miss A HWillesden Lane
£10465256Mr A JHarpenden
£10130000Mrs C RWindsor
£10483164Miss J HHaddenham
£10481117Mrs S BWarfield Park
£10245708Mr M RSt. Albans
£10168527Mr D THaddenham
£10436018Mrs B MKings Langley
£10155041Mr J HFlamstead
£10796971Mrs E ABricket Wood
£10460731Mr D SAmersham
£1085722Mrs L CWindsor
£10919288Mrs T CFlamstead
£10416648Mr J MHolmer Green
£1071493Miss W SLondon
£10105445Mr W BHemel Hempstead
£10198137Ms A WHigh Wycombe
£10441958Mrs S BChipperfield
£10334960Mrs J MCheddington
£10428547Mrs P PBerkhamsted
£10807206Mr T LChesham
£1050142Mrs M MWoodley
£10498220Mr C KBuckingham
£10205603Mrs M HStone
£10562617Mr D CHemel Hempstead
£10186040Mr S LUxbridge
£10363797Mrs N WChipperfield
£10712831Mrs A TPotten End
£10638997Mrs A DPrinces Risborough
£1087174Mr C MBerkhamsted
£10194763Mrs S HSt. Albans
£10905700Mrs J KHemel Hempstead
£10388639Mrs J DTring
£1026205Mrs D BSouth Heath
£10791436Mrs K HWinslow
£10100391Mrs E CCroxley Green
£10266891Mrs R AEdlesborough
£10784944Mr W LCheddington
£1072471Mr T TSt. Albans
£10959657Mr C BBucks Hill
£10425482Mrs A HHemel Hempstead
£101439Mr L TMarlow
£1079486Mrs E OSt. Albans
£10177778Mr R CRuislip
£1019429Mr G RChalfont St. Giles
£10548665Mr N MMarkyate
£104095Mrs T GAmersham
£109204Mr P WWindsor
£105247Mrs M MSt. Albans
£10307485Mr M GAylesbury
£10220525Mrs D FAmersham
£10280328Mr N PChesham
£10468727Mrs H RHemel Hempstead
£1027998Miss A PEdinburgh
£10283976Mrs M DSt. Albans
£1029986Mr T TWatford
£1054129Mrs B MHemel Hempstead
£1080413Mrs E ODatchet
£10292199Mrs E TAylesbury
£10213211Mrs N JBracknell
£1031229Mrs S LChorleywood
£10359425Mrs B BMarlow
£1081208Mrs P SAylesbury
£1023144Mrs S NGerrards Cross
£1089302Mrs E RWheathampstead
£1011360Mrs B NRickmansworth
£1011438Mrs R GMill End
£107785Mrs G HNorth Marston
£10499348Mr J SAmersham
£10475323Mr B RMarlow
£1074146Mrs C WSt. Albans
£10296143Dr A HChesham
Prize Number Name Location
£10001665Mrs O SHigh Wycombe
£10087271Miss J AWest Drayton
£1006355Mrs H RHarpenden
£100160060Mr N LAylesbury
£206888Mrs U WAmersham
£2085754Mrs G SAylesbury
£20171384Mr D SMarlow
£20189084Mrs T MRuislip
£2042872Mr O SBerkhamsted
£20752040Mrs D BHemel Hempstead
£2060867Mrs G THigh Wycombe
£20282528Miss R NHigh Wycombe
£20581748Mrs C HAmersham
£20457278Mrs S LIver
£20409522Mrs K BSlough
£20246264Mrs J CHigh Wycombe
£20266174Mrs S HHarrow
£20177267Mrs C LTring
£2092098Single Ticket Winner-
£20287985Mr G SHarpenden
£204391Mr R DSt. Albans
£2077232Mrs R NPinner
£20832566Mr M AHigh Wycombe
£20165461Mr M HSt. Albans
£2037411Mrs A FBourne End
£20718180Mr M PAylesbury
£2069576Mr F NAmersham
£20552399Mrs M BPinner
£20400014Mrs J PHayes
£20786145Mrs J GHemel Hempstead
£20773934Mrs E EChipping Norton
£204558Mrs J SHigh Wycombe
£20565874Mr M DPinner
£20754393Miss S JSlough
£10272119Mrs P FWindsor
£10186201Mr M NHigh Wycombe
£1031898Miss L SBarking
£10236557Mr J EBeaconsfield
£10829279Mrs D AGreat Missenden
£10583396Mrs S AUxbridge
£10359855Mrs J BKings Langley
£10218239Mr A WSt. Albans
£10370571Mr R GAylesbury
£10417301Mr P RAscot
£1036666Mrs M DMill End
£10961717Mr J TBerkhamsted
£10865955Miss M CBuckingham
£1080282Mrs G LNorthwood
£1084891Mr R HAylesbury
£1067963Mr M TSt. Albans
£1091912Single Ticket Winner-
£1090059Single Ticket Winner-
£10743677Mrs C KAylesbury
£10133604Mrs D HAylesbury
£1078656Ms P CSt. Albans
£1083156Mr M WRickmansworth
£10484099Mr L HHigh Wycombe
£10974834Mrs J HLeighton Buzzard
£109340Miss J HBerkhamsted
£10222269Mr G MSt. Albans
£10340671Mrs M THigh Wycombe
£10386642Ms N WAylesbury
£10133935Miss J MSt. Albans
£106024Mrs M DPrinces Risborough
£10243780Mrs J MLeighton Buzzard
£10398166Ms L CBerkhamsted
£10325281Mrs J PMarlow
£10366726Mrs J CUxbridge
£10590842Mr S PPrinces Risborough
£1075000Mr E TBeaconsfield
£10453449Mrs K RSt. Albans
£10206707Mrs N HAylesbury
£10194040Ms J SHemel Hempstead
£10114005Mrs A HSt. Albans
£1092303Single Ticket Winner-
£10753839Mrs M BAylesbury
£108944Mrs C CBerkhamsted
£10830232Mr D HAylesbury
£10399333Mr R GSt. Albans
£107076Mr R IHigh Wycombe
£10411713Mrs D BGreat Missenden
£1058831Mr J WAylesbury
£1053463Mrs P RChesham
£10211760Mrs R GHigh Wycombe
£1084302Mrs J SBourne End
£10307453Mr H SRickmansworth
£1036693Mrs S BAylesbury
£1020363Mrs S SBuckingham
£1087867Mrs L YSandhurst
£10551444Mrs A PDunstable
£10907010Miss M KHigh Wycombe
£1010821Mr P GHarpenden
£1074057Mr R HMaidenhead
£10216568Mrs M CHenley-on-thames
£10183962Mr N MKings Langley
£10730891Ms H SPinner
£10243040Mrs M MHigh Wycombe
£10699111Miss M PBerkhamsted
£1034499Mrs M KGerrards Cross
£10145702Mrs K BHemel Hempstead
£1016593Mrs J HHarefield
£1048629Mrs J BChinnor
£1091914Single Ticket Winner-
£10658214Miss L ADunstable
£1053768Mrs H BHigh Wycombe
£10149477Mrs M HAmersham
£10747176Mr D AKings Langley
£1046139Mrs J RAylesbury
£10538415Mrs V LKings Langley
£1050847Mrs S OAylesbury
£10917346Mr S VPrinces Risborough
£10236669Mr A SSt. Albans
£10293953Mr C MSt. Albans
£1048865Mrs J VHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£1000151502Mr S CAylesbury
£100990581Mr B SChalfont St. Giles
£10038900Mr R RHemel Hempstead
£10051520Mrs B PTring
£2058901Mr K PMaidenhead
£2015987Mrs G WKings Langley
£20397244Ms M HSt. Albans
£20320802Mr R KGerrards Cross
£2024987Mrs J DBerkhamsted
£20693831Ms H LHigh Wycombe
£20180826Mr J CHemel Hempstead
£20917276Mr G MHigh Wycombe
£20414082Mrs L GHemel Hempstead
£203521Mrs M EAylesbury
£2038896Mrs H MCodicote
£2071763Mrs C WAylesbury
£2090324Single Ticket Winner-
£2081607Mr A BRickmansworth
£20174109Mr R PHemel Hempstead
£20417662Mrs S BBracknell
£20654451Mrs D BAylesbury
£20589985Mr S DBuckingham
£203146Mrs E LHigh Wycombe
£20113643Mrs J CHigh Wycombe
£20251428Mrs K BWokingham
£20228711Ms A DMilton Keynes
£2071290Mrs I PGerrards Cross
£2087589Mr P KMarlow
£20471541Mrs L LHemel Hempstead
£20376619Mrs C HHemel Hempstead
£2079250Mr N WTring
£20966095Ms B THigh Wycombe
£20411996Mrs L WSlough
£20596434Mrs S JSt. Albans
£10756888Mr R MChesham
£10162028Mr R CBerkhamsted
£10102892Mr L PAylesbury
£10482419Mrs J PRickmansworth
£10222033Mrs B LSt. Albans
£10937377Mr S SAmersham
£10448916Mr M SHigh Wycombe
£10704228Mr R GHarpenden
£10691730Mrs C BBourne End
£10193322Mrs A MAylesbury
£10239204Dr S WRadlett
£10102932Mrs S CNorthwood
£10993315Miss S DHaddenham
£1058039Mr C HMaidenhead
£10284280Mrs M MRowlands Gill
£10141963Mrs L CMilton Keynes
£1032955Mrs H BBerkhamsted
£10637887Mr P CUxbridge
£10167106Mrs J AAylesbury
£10446458Mrs D KWatford
£1042660Mrs J PBerkhamsted
£1083917Mrs A BSlough
£10224918Mrs M HSlough
£1051159Mrs D CSt. Albans
£10997085Mrs S JAylesbury
£10699391Mr K THarpenden
£1080565Mrs H RHarpenden
£10707701Mrs M AHemel Hempstead
£10703436Mrs C NHarpenden
£1061798Mr M CHemel Hempstead
£10870407Mr S LHigh Wycombe
£10473959Mr S TTring
£10845659Mrs P PAylesbury
£10993005Mrs D JHarrow
£10889626Mr P GDunstable
£10453746Mr R GPrestwood
£105439Mr G JAylesbury
£1030859Mrs S CAylesbury
£10239480Miss K GWatford
£1055775Mr M MCrowthorne
£1090226Single Ticket Winner-
£10212614Miss S HHigh Wycombe
£10242066Mrs S WBerkhamsted
£10132503Ms M CSt. Albans
£1078521Mrs S SKings Langley
£10124632Mrs S AAylesbury
£10496256Mr K THemel Hempstead
£1088739Mrs A BSt. Albans
£105911Mrs S BHigh Wycombe
£10518298Ms J HHigh Wycombe
£10324672Ms N MTring
£1070930Mrs C MRadlett
£103210Mr N RAylesbury
£10865054Mr A SRickmansworth
£1038323Ms E BAmersham
£10772488Mrs J PAylesbury
£10336954Mr O AMilton Keynes
£10209236Mr E CBracknell
£10205477Mrs S KFarnham Common
£1033465Mrs D RHemel Hempstead
£108180Mr M NBerkhamsted
£10147125Mr P FAbbots Langley
£1088162Mr J SSt. Albans
£10750240Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£10179646Miss K HLeighton Buzzard
£1027382Miss G BBushey
£10229717Mr D WHigh Wycombe
£10493253Mrs H MAylesbury
£10279787Mr S JAylesbury
£10417301Mr P RAscot
£10432557Mrs M EHemel Hempstead
£1082772Mrs J CKings Langley
£10127837Mrs G RRickmansworth
£10554842Mr M HSt. Albans
£107948Mrs M WWorthing
£10819123Mrs J BPrinces Risborough
£10351172Mr J SHemel Hempstead
£1043043Mrs G FBradford-On-Avon
£10368907Mr R AHigh Wycombe
£10598714Mrs D OAylesbury
Prize Number Name Location
£100048109Mrs M RHigh Wycombe
£100194466Mrs L HChalfont St. Giles
£10060162Mrs B PRickmansworth
£10062239Mr A HUxbridge
£20200614Mrs S WChesham
£201205Mr G HRuislip
£20133098Mrs M RHaddenham
£201400Mrs L LHigh Wycombe
£2016586Mrs A HRickmansworth
£20358668Mrs C WMarlow
£20447399Mrs M SRuislip
£20568777Mrs L LHigh Wycombe
£20382155Mr P FBuckingham
£2037967Mr J BAscot
£2041050Mrs B BBerkhamsted
£20274065Mrs L BHigh Wycombe
£20164242Mrs P PAscot
£20433947Mr J SRickmansworth
£20937133Mr M GSt. Albans
£2024369Mr C BAylesbury
£2023261Mr C HChesham
£20128990Mrs J SMarlow
£209792Mr K FChristchurch
£20476500Mr A JWatford
£20320542Mr D LHemel Hempstead
£2056091Mrs J PBerkhamsted
£20467797Mrs S MBerkhamsted
£20184469Mrs J MBerkhamsted
£2077001Mrs L HBracknell
£20611045Mrs C PSt. Albans
£2033319Mr S THigh Wycombe
£2082252Mrs P NAylesbury
£2014063Mrs M KHigh Wycombe
£2017606Mrs J MRickmansworth
£10378852Mr M WSt. Albans
£10184153Mrs C HSt. Albans
£10947162Mrs C BDunstable
£10270598Mr L PHemel Hempstead
£1019064Mr M WAylesbury
£10271712Mr A HRickmansworth
£1090569Single Ticket Winner-
£1031709Mrs C FSlough
£10400881Mrs F NBerkhamsted
£10110408Mrs C BHemel Hempstead
£10422065Mrs M DMarlow
£10268790Mrs J SSt. Albans
£10420376Mr/Ms M BKings Langley
£10330205Mr T HChalfont St. Giles
£1080803Mrs L BHigh Wycombe
£10980055Mr M LRickmansworth
£10247194Mrs M FDunstable
£1090084Single Ticket Winner-
£1091540Single Ticket Winner-
£1081060Mr J HHigh Wycombe
£1077838Mrs Y OAylesbury
£1024915Mrs K BAylesbury
£10830195Mrs V GAmersham
£10690206Mr J FAylesbury
£1021670Mr P HNorthwood
£1028772Mrs T FWatlington
£10680084Mr P DAylesbury
£1083588Mrs C KWindsor
£10188028Mrs L MBuckingham
£10276509Miss P HHarrow
£1022886Mr G HRuislip
£10449430Mrs R HAylesbury
£10567365Mr P DChesham
£1014545Mrs B OBerkhamsted
£1016880Miss E AHarpenden
£10854066Mr J BLeighton Buzzard
£1020388Mrs A VHemel Hempstead
£10233521Mr P AHatfield
£10154453Mrs M BHemel Hempstead
£10977890Mr D FPotters Bar
£10653842Mrs C NBourne End
£10205980Miss R EWelwyn Garden City
£10409824Mr S BGreat Missenden
£1081878Mrs E CHemel Hempstead
£1088817Mrs E FBerkhamsted
£10782028Ms V KKings Langley
£1067569Mr F SRuislip
£10257155Mr M HBeaconsfield
£10399578Mrs B BHayes
£10396645Mr K CHemel Hempstead
£10256577Mrs S FWest Drayton
£107786Ms S CChinnor
£10647049Mrs L JLoudwater
£10357204Miss F RAylesbury
£10238345Mr E HHigh Wycombe
£10857340Mrs M AAylesbury
£10892566Mrs G CChesham
£1090078Single Ticket Winner-
£10645573Mr D SSt. Albans
£106531Mrs S LHigh Wycombe
£10221444Mrs C LBerkhamsted
£1011685Mrs H YMilton Keynes
£10364507Mrs S MBerkhamsted
£1015007Mr & Mrs A HAylesbury
£10650646Mr M FHemel Hempstead
£10205161Mrs J CWatford
£1091168Single Ticket Winner-
£10191660Miss K KHigh Wycombe
£1088488Miss E BEsher
£10133181Mr R VLeighton Buzzard
£10441958Mrs S BKings Langley
£10743060Mr R PReading
£10518267Miss T SDunstable
£10232665Mr B AHemel Hempstead
£10382173Mrs L GLeighton Buzzard
£1016577Mr G LHemel Hempstead
£10296802Mr S LHigh Wycombe
£10215379Mrs S PCrowthorne
£1059303Mrs R HAylesbury
£10457105Mr P CHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£100061122Mrs . ASt. Albans
£100170170Mrs C FHigh Wycombe
£10059487Mrs M HHemel Hempstead
£100331896Mrs E DAmersham
£20583542Mr K THarpenden
£20153548Mrs Y PHigh Wycombe
£20214471Mr J RBuckingham
£2075724Mrs S TSt. Albans
£20140190Mr P JSt. Albans
£20341957Mr N HLeighton Buzzard
£20785660Mr M JPinner
£2010104Mrs D CBerkhamsted
£2025562Mrs H WAylesbury
£2048238Mrs M RRuislip
£20247088Mr M KBerkhamsted
£20649823Mrs A BWatford
£2011685Mrs H YMilton Keynes
£2080253Mrs A CPrinces Risborough
£20999573Mr R WTring
£2091858Single Ticket Winner-
£20965480Mrs K CBerkhamsted
£20171092Mrs R OHemel Hempstead
£202101Mrs G RSt. Albans
£2055343Ms J CWindsor
£206184Mr & Mrs G IHigh Wycombe
£20248218Mr J HChesham
£20460734Mrs M HWatford
£2018047Mrs S TWatford
£20259238Mr R LHigh Wycombe
£20492803Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£20175506Miss K IAylesbury
£20636290Mr T TChesham
£20518577Miss N VSt. Albans
£20707213Mrs L BNorthwood
£1016577Mr G LHemel Hempstead
£1090771Single Ticket Winner-
£10410257Mr T CHarpenden
£10205785Mr A PSt. Albans
£10411645Miss P LSt. Albans
£1090407Single Ticket Winner-
£10139524Ms R HAylesbury
£10506390Mrs R CLeighton Buzzard
£10898412Mr K WWatford
£10745975Mr R HChesham
£10151664Mrs J WChalfont St. Giles
£1068315Mrs A BHemel Hempstead
£10430803Mrs P CHemel Hempstead
£1070523Mrs S SBerkhamsted
£10315574Mr M PHemel Hempstead
£10238332Mrs S BBerkhamsted
£10240686Mrs W CSt. Albans
£10497007Mrs J HBracknell
£10870685Mrs A JHigh Wycombe
£1072652Mrs J WMaidenhead
£10983911Mr R BLeighton Buzzard
£10551729Mrs A DAylesbury
£1090256Single Ticket Winner-
£1019653Mrs D JTring
£10400595Miss L BBerkhamsted
£10650345Mrs H EHemel Hempstead
£1045174Mr D LHigh Wycombe
£10205220Mr P EMarlow
£10795172Mr J LHemel Hempstead
£1063355Mrs M NHarpenden
£10908389Mr M AHigh Wycombe
£10529302Mrs M WBerkhamsted
£1039650Ms P PHarpenden
£1025053Mrs J HHigh Wycombe
£10696428Mrs J FHigh Wycombe
£10243665Mr L MMarch
£10242390Mr J BHemel Hempstead
£10296881Mr D BPinner
£10256938Mrs D WHigh Wycombe
£1058292Mrs M MTring
£10413822Miss H CHemel Hempstead
£10958614Mrs C PHigh Wycombe
£10268971Mr C DLondon
£1072655Mrs M BSlough
£10375487Mr K BWatford
£10405738Mr P BBracknell
£10113678Miss D EHemel Hempstead
£10580045Mr V LRuislip
£104210Mrs S WAylesbury
£10529442Mrs B HHigh Wycombe
£10792591Mrs J BHigh Wycombe
£10390Mrs T MMaidenhead
£1089491Mrs F CAylesbury
£10384873Mr & Mrs M JGreat Missenden
£1048309Mr S TSt. Albans
£10657025Mrs J ALeighton Buzzard
£1034642Mrs Y TWendover
£102218Mrs J JHemel Hempstead
£10218389Miss D MBerkhamsted
£10449867Mrs S MSt. Albans
£10784226Mrs J BBerkhamsted
£10383292Mr & Mrs K CSt. Albans
£1048621Mrs G NHemel Hempstead
£1024359Miss D FAmersham
£10215537Mr M FSt. Albans
£1069815Mr M HLeighton Buzzard
£10453335Mrs E CHigh Wycombe
£10897279Mrs S WHaddenham
£10102629Mrs D WHemel Hempstead
£10413590Mr R WGreat Missenden
£10257716Mrs G JBeaconsfield
£1085219Mr J GMaidenhead
£1091535Single Ticket Winner-
£10138180Ms R JHigh Wycombe
£10229038Miss C MDunstable
£10813568Mrs F PHigh Wycombe
£10262771Mr D MWatford
£1049497Mr L MHemel Hempstead
£10357565Mrs D SBuckingham
£10144773Miss E CMaidenhead
Prize Number Name Location
£1000614878Mrs E CAylesbury
£10077838Mrs Y OAylesbury
£100196562Mr A BBerkhamsted
£10057803Mrs D YAmersham
£20856219Ms R FRuislip
£2031400Mr T MTring
£2044099Miss J ACatford
£20221963Mr P MRadlett
£20988792Mr R AAylesbury
£2090425Single Ticket Winner-
£20241281Mr M HCrowthorne
£20375450Mr H MWednesbury
£20915386Mrs I KAylesbury
£2048506Ms M BWindsor
£20370297Mr K KPrinces Risborough
£2022653Miss S CHemel Hempstead
£20179093Ms A RHemel Hempstead
£2024288Mrs J GHemel Hempstead
£2069998Mrs M WSlough
£20172344Miss L WHemel Hempstead
£20747876Mr R GHigh Wycombe
£2048947Mrs S OAylesbury
£20956711Mrs B HHemel Hempstead
£20549920Mr K HMarlow
£2079921Miss H ASlough
£20133437Mrs R PHemel Hempstead
£20701540Mrs K GHemel Hempstead
£209845Mr A BDunstable
£2015594Mr D HUxbridge
£20815368Mr J PSt. Albans
£20336028Mrs A AWendover
£20364403Mr G MDunstable
£20248060Mrs N KAylesbury
£20420228Mr N PWatford
£10112098Mrs C PSt. Albans
£1077606Mrs G RBerkhamsted
£1013939Mr M CHigh Wycombe
£1023592Mr V HBerkhamsted
£1080875Mrs C HTring
£10195801. T ATring
£10778769Mr B TChalfont St Giles
£10270252Miss P LSt. Albans
£10380760Mr A WAylesbury
£1048080Mrs G KAscot
£102439Mrs L CHigh Wycombe
£10175212Mr R RAylesbury
£104337Mr . TAylesbury
£10459531Mrs T EKings Langley
£1022908Mrs P HMaidenhead
£10820743Mr S MRadlett
£10653350Miss A CGreat Missenden
£10528706Mr I HGreat Missenden
£1041310Mr T KLondon
£10392995Mr P CTring
£1020336Mr J MHemel Hempstead
£1045847Mrs M CWendover
£1037262Mrs S WTring
£1014303Mrs D BBuckingham
£1055066Mr G BSt. Albans
£1021467Mrs J TTring
£1074140Mr J OBracknell
£10399177Mrs N DAmersham
£1033108Miss D PAylesbury
£1029578Mr M GWatford
£10918824Mr J GBuckingham
£10143053Mr J LSt. Albans
£1049980Mrs F SSt. Albans
£10466042Mr A BKings Langley
£10160060Mr N LAylesbury
£10257278Mrs S WSlough
£10669006Miss S PSt. Albans
£10698579Mrs L KRuislip
£10507139Mrs V BChinnor
£103645Mrs D EAylesbury
£1050702Mr D WHemel Hempstead
£1035271Mrs J TBeaconsfield
£10493790Mrs C HTring
£1038016Mrs J WGreat Missenden
£1074933Mrs R GUxbridge
£1091697Single Ticket Winner-
£10331262Mrs J DTring
£1031247Mr A SSlough
£10128950Mrs G WSt. Albans
£1082673Mrs K CRuislip
£10410634Mrs A GAscot
£10879856Mrs E DMarlow
£1091685Single Ticket Winner-
£10226240Ms J KHarpenden
£1011878Mrs P GRuislip
£10262801Mrs C HAylesbury
£10548535Mrs I MSt. Albans
£10719299Mr J SWest Drayton
£10403895Ms A LLuton
£1025316Miss J JWendover
£106469Mr L CHigh Wycombe
£10457268Mrs E HWindsor
£10528268Mrs P BBeaconsfield
£10995830Mr C PHemel Hempstead
£10194920Mrs A MKings Langley
£10693974Miss C MChesham
£10416493Mrs K MRuislip
£1020847Mrs S RSt. Albans
£107112Mrs M BHigh Wycombe
£10203211Mr J SDunstable
£1091950Single Ticket Winner-
£1034643Miss D SKings Langley
£10423556Miss C MKings Langley
£1055089Mr P EAylesbury
£10118369Mrs J FHaddenham
£1023759Mrs E RHaddenham
£10718211Mrs M JBerkhamsted
£10237087Mrs J DPinner
£1086985Mrs L TBerkhamsted
£10113699Mrs G HBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
£1000434578Mrs R SWelwyn Garden City
£100892841Mrs R NAylesbury
£100158499Mrs J JHigh Wycombe
£10068344Mrs J WAbbots Langley
£20386516Mr J SMarlow
£2060679Mr A FStaines
£2038760Mr P DChesham
£20429908Mr M CMaidenhead
£20101499Mr S PSt. Albans
£20202Mr R MTring
£2063015Mr J SAylesbury
£20958140Mrs M LBuckingham
£201934Mrs J NTring
£20973329Mr G PHigh Wycombe
£20561531Dr. C AHemel Hempstead
£2064701Mrs C NHemel Hempstead
£20899894Mrs G HAylesbury
£20174901Mrs E HSt. Albans
£20210367Mrs L CRickmansworth
£20461191Ms A BLeighton Buzzard
£20941013Miss L SWinslow
£2035745Mr S PSt. Albans
£20570134Mr J PSt. Albans
£20494150Miss M WHigh Wycombe
£20830977Mr W THigh Wycombe
£20755678Miss L HHigh Wycombe
£2033611Mr M HChesham
£2020023Mrs D RWindsor
£20230777Mr J BRuislip
£206147Mr R CAylesbury
£2058374Mrs E BMaidenhead
£20702455Mr R LKings Langley
£2046823Mrs M PTring
£10216699Mrs E CBuckingham
£10166392Mr W JAscot
£1046270Mr W TSlough
£10105057Mr K TAylesbury
£1049664Mrs S WWindsor
£10468583Mrs C CSt. Albans
£10364283Mrs J SNorthwood
£10797571Mrs N CBerkhamsted
£10263294Mrs A MUxbridge
£1025006Mrs C DWatford
£10238038Mr I BGerrards Cross
£10435763Mrs H LWindsor
£1068508Mrs C SLuton
£1027690Miss A BLeighton Buzzard
£10345331Mr D BHarpenden
£10307186Mrs J BSt. Albans
£1037011Mr I SHigh Wycombe
£1027860Mrs S CUxbridge
£109560Mrs M RAylesbury
£10120499Miss F RBerkhamsted
£1055371Mrs D BMaidenhead
£10799337Mrs H SBeaconsfield
£108830Mr K HTring
£10193884Mr S RHarpenden
£10324198Mr C GWatford
£1056597Mrs J HCrowthorne
£10990944Mr R RHigh Wycombe
£1058117Miss J SAylesbury
£1040646Mrs C EBuckingham
£108399Mrs J BBushey
£1011567Mrs W WHenley-On-Thames
£10799633Mrs L NAylesbury
£10611382Mrs B BGreat Missenden
£10182223Mrs J CAylesbury
£10196222Mr R CSt. Albans
£10795172Mr J LHemel Hempstead
£10222989Miss R RAylesbury
£10693352Mrs C DHemel Hempstead
£1078892Mrs P NHatfield
£10208356Mrs N FSt. Albans
£10261399Mrs J CCrowthorne
£10549880Mr S CSt. Albans
£10821838Mr K HHemel Hempstead
£10381193Mrs A RBuckingham
£1038178Mrs E HHemel Hempstead
£10473318Mr P CTring
£10247031Mr D CHemel Hempstead
£10741810Mrs J BHemel Hempstead
£109391Mr A HHoniton
£10393729Mrs L BSt. Albans
£1064814Mrs K PChesham
£10172389Mrs M HAylesbury
£10129448Mr S VAylesbury
£10479901Mr N DAmersham
£10875729Mrs M GBerkhamsted
£10213794Mrs T SBracknell
£10229290Mrs K VDunstable
£10843174Mrs L AMaidenhead
£1085438Mr J QTring
£1015215Mr P GChesham
£10142452Mrs A WGerrards Cross
£1065558Mr C MPinner
£10595414Mr A CSt. Albans
£10355079Mrs J CHigh Wycombe
£10523666Mrs A HBerkhamsted
£10855998Mr A WHemel Hempstead
£10193944Mrs A RBushey
£10906085Mr A JBerkhamsted
£10401634Mrs M SNorfolk
£10564485Mrs I TChinnor
£1073845Mrs E MWindsor
£10292267Mrs S TUxbridge
£10846780Mrs C GTring
£10251152Mrs D SAylesbury
£10808774Mr G PAbbots Langley
£1032156Mr N HRingstead
£10152902Mrs A DNorthwood
£101508Mrs S EBeaconsfield
£10214519Mrs B MBerkhamsted
£10398166Ms L CBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
£100017640Mrs V CMarlow
£10038348Mr D BSlough
£10087516Mr M HNorthwood
£100144834Mrs E LSt. Albans
£20309600Mrs O BAylesbury
£20320802Mr R KGerrards Cross
£20249528Mr J LHemel Hempstead
£2033406Mr C PHemel Hempstead
£20331071Mrs P FPrestwood
£209243Mrs A HWindsor
£2048723Mrs K GSt. Albans
£20282442Mrs K HBerkhamsted
£20571330Ms K BHarpenden
£2018700Mrs V MHemel Hempstead
£20204969Mr W BBerkhamsted
£20274786Mr C NKings Langley
£2068955Mr J CSlough
£20235025Miss L WBerkhamsted
£20343764Ms M RBeaconsfield
£20831491Mrs S WWatford
£20114045Mrs J CPrinces Risborough
£2061483Mr D WRuislip
£2087458Dr. S SNorthwood
£20614833Mr R VHarpenden
£2029968Mrs G WChesham
£2047669Mrs M HHigh Wycombe
£2059105Mr C SHemel Hempstead
£20245451Mr G RAbbots Langley
£20705706Miss L LHemel Hempstead
£20374162Mr C HHarpenden
£2013575Mr T WHigh Wycombe
£2012389Mrs A CAylesbury
£20403136Dr B MWatford
£2090861Single Ticket Winner-
£10708335Dr C MSt. Albans
£1080311Mrs H GMaidenhead
£1045668Mrs V PSt. Albans
£10241666Mr B FHemel Hempstead
£10886568Mr S PChalfont St. Giles
£10222587Mr B FRickmansworth
£10890802Mrs A CChesham
£1090787Single Ticket Winner-
£1090069Single Ticket Winner-
£10833947Mrs J HBromyard
£10205320Mrs C SUxbridge
£10153822Mrs E JHemel Hempstead
£1091520Single Ticket Winner-
£10390291Mrs C HMarlow
£1064398Mr & Mrs N BWingrave
£10224263Mr P BTring
£1017338Mrs E BKings Langley
£1067104Mrs C JHemel Hempstead
£1035773Mrs A GChesham
£1027547Mrs S GChesham
£1016450Mr P EWindsor
£10125156Ms J WHemel Hempstead
£1032863Miss E BHigh Wycombe
£10655601Mr P BOrmskirk
£10835693Mrs S RAylesbury
£10664450Mr J MHemel Hempstead
£10550681Dr G DKings Langley
£10694015Mrs S LAmersham
£10999258Mrs K SMarlow
£1015186Mrs K CHayes
£1085120Mr D FBerkhamsted
£1070902Dr. A JChesham
£10701562Mrs L RKings Langley
£10394396Mrs A GHigh Wycombe
£10282996Mr R PHemel Hempstead
£10981777Mr P WUxbridge
£10740451Mr M CSt. Albans
£1067019Mrs S CWindsor
£10548008Mrs K LMaidenhead
£10371881Miss L THigh Wycombe
£1051619Mrs T DHarpenden
£104787Mrs H KSlough
£1089628Mr G DMarlow
£10920070Mr D ASt. Albans
£10818363Mrs L NHemel Hempstead
£104780Mrs D FKings Langley
£1070175Mr N GLondon
£10260595Mrs L SChesham
£10151951Mrs P WAylesbury
£10607082Mr D THemel Hempstead
£1031109Mr R QHarpenden
£10566720Mr S PRickmansworth
£10263006Mr L GPitstone
£10328202Mrs L RBushey
£10189438Mr R JWeston Turville
£10635215Mrs F ODunstable
£10369116Mrs M BDunstable
£10628978Mr J LGerrards Cross
£10133707Mrs C HRuislip
£1073342Mrs A LAylesbury
£1075574Mrs L GAylesbury
£1026293Mrs S SGerrards Cross
£1038606Mrs S CAmersham
£10420585Mrs A DUxbridge
£10277621Mrs S VSt. Albans
£10212764Mr S HHigh Wycombe
£10174384Mr P LHemel Hempstead
£1069958Mrs N GHigh Wycombe
£10796188Mrs K SLeighton Buzzard
£10886452Mr A HDunstable
£10229038Miss C MDunstable
£1065368Mr M MChesham
£1055554Mrs J MChesham
£10257564Mrs A MHigh Wycombe
£1052420Mrs P GSt. Albans
£10143543Mrs A SDunstable
£1044061Mrs S CAston Clinton
£10193844Mr A CSt. Albans
£10222054Mr L MSt. Albans
£10198390Mr A HHigh Wycombe
Prize Number Name Location
£100063817Mrs T CHemel Hempstead
£100193724Mrs A BKings Langley
£100253405Mr V HRickmansworth
£100590515Mr J PSt. Albans
£2020708Mr A LWindsor
£20824557Mr H DGerrards Cross
£2064520Mrs J KUxbridge
£20433587Mr C RPinner
£20222870Mr A PSt. Albans
£2019790Miss P BHemel Hempstead
£20584844Mrs J BDunstable
£20591898Dr C CPrinces Risborough
£20654075Miss M KHigh Wycombe
£2071706Miss C MHarpenden
£20343341Mr M CSt. Albans
£2029824Mrs L DTring
£20328935Miss L AWendover
£20640078Mr D SKings Langley
£20188780Mrs R MAylesbury
£2019758Mrs F SSt. Albans
£2065267Mrs M GLeighton Buzzard
£20202241Mrs N NAbbots Langley
£20417317Mrs K BRuislip
£20416477Mr D JLeighton Buzzard
£206896Mr T THigh Wycombe
£2072708Mrs D MMaidenhead
£20496693Mr A AHigh Wycombe
£20679658Mrs A CHarpenden
£20716245Mr & Mrs J GHarpenden
£20715439Ms J FBerkhamsted
£20731053Mrs J HPrinces Risborough
£20772488Mrs J PAylesbury
£20480077Mrs D MHemel Hempstead
£20704214Mr R CHarrow
£1074072Mrs R EChesham
£1041669Mr D TMaidenhead
£10981006Mrs R RAylesbury
£1081393Mrs J HMilton Keynes
£10445620Mrs K DBerkhamsted
£10200991Mrs G MAbbots Langley
£1077945Mr E BMaidenhead
£10958579Miss A SHemel Hempstead
£10515787Mr B MHarpenden
£10252367Mrs R FUxbridge
£10571889Mrs J HHigh Wycombe
£10262952Mrs C AHemel Hempstead
£10574180Mrs M FHemel Hempstead
£10920579Mrs L RAmersham
£10352176Mrs J MWindsor
£1064079Mrs B NLeighton Buzzard
£104794Mrs R TPulborough
£1032111Mr C TChesham
£10335032Mr T LStanmore
£10322042Mr R LAylesbury
£10541903Mr P GAbbots Langley
£10205995Ms C BAylesbury
£10993123Mrs S EHemel Hempstead
£10480208Miss K HRuislip
£1041184Mr R GSt. Albans
£1012675Mr W PGerrards Cross
£10407094Mr E PHemel Hempstead
£10321679Mr M FBuckingham
£1068736Mrs D HHemel Hempstead
£10395179Mr D GStevenage
£10620743Mr S JSt. Albans
£10754415Mr J MSt. Albans
£10110710Mrs D ORuislip
£10139740Mrs C SAylesbury
£10201855Mrs S HAbbots Langley
£1066628Mr B WHemel Hempstead
£1078458Mrs J WAylesbury
£10889732Miss M WHigh Wycombe
£10452307Mr A PSt. Albans
£10271308Mr S GSt. Albans
£10824373Mrs P BHigh Wycombe
£10715205Mrs P CHemel Hempstead
£10114509Mrs G GHarpenden
£10480026Mrs P CRuislip
£1025247Mrs D DUmberleigh
£1066143Mr J HHigh Wycombe
£10346451Mrs S GBerkhamsted
£1091523Single Ticket Winner-
£10706456Mr G PHigh Wycombe
£1063473Mrs R HMaidenhead
£10201300Mrs G EHemel Hempstead
£10362431Mr A MSt. Albans
£10277802Mrs M CHemel Hempstead
£1091859Single Ticket Winner-
£10243879Mr P CCrowthorne
£10263355Mrs C BRickmansworth
£101492Miss S DRickmansworth
£10458278Mrs D PSt. Albans
£10242489Mr F HAmersham
£10223945Mrs A GRadlett
£10269621Mrs K THemel Hempstead
£1016861Mr M CSlough
£10937842Mr R ASt. Albans
£10648111Mr R DAylesbury
£1084442Mr N RRickmansworth
£1062600Mr M CLeighton Buzzard
£10168655Mrs A TUxbridge
£10364476Mrs C MBeaconsfield
£10311124Miss R MLoughton
£10235070Mrs D GBracknell
£10761080Mrs J KBuckingham
£1068385Mrs J LHemel Hempstead
£108408Mr D BGreat Missenden
£10165270Mrs V OTring
£10331873Mrs J BBerkhamsted
£10234380Mrs J KBushey
£10309018Mr J BHigh Wycombe
£10463700Mrs S HMarlow
£10221443Mr T LHemel Hempstead
£10421220Mr K MBerkhamsted

Superdraw Results

Prize Number Name Location
Shendish ManorMr M SLeicester
Prize Number Name Location
1st8478Mr I BHazlemere
2nd80755Mrs P KWigginton
3rd60916Miss S HSt. Albans
4th78955Mrs B WPrestwood
4th89724Mr D AChalfont St. Peter
Prize Number Name Location
�10 M&S Voucher59826HammondSt. Albans
�10 M&S Voucher33905SwanHigh Wycombe
�10 M&S Voucher82062WallaceEaton Bray
�10 M&S Voucher1335CanaleHemel Hempstead
�10 M&S Voucher76407EvansCroxley Green
�10 M&S Voucher52489GormanHemel Hempstead
�10 M&S Voucher91553HughesRudgwick
�10 M&S Voucher35221GallagherHayes
�10 M&S Voucher59849AllenSt. Albans
�10 M&S Voucher300008RussellWatford
Prize Number Name Location
Stoke PlaceMrs S TMilton Keynes
Prize Number Name Location
1st6094Mr G J EIver

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