Hospice Lottery Results


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Lottery Results

Prize Number Name Location
£100074248Mr F CAylesbury
£100372542Mrs V WSt. Albans
£100914722Ms A BWatford
£10020327Mr B EPrinces Risborough
£2087981Mr K VStocktgon-On-Tees
£204357Mrs V RAmersham
£20607867Miss S HMilton Keynes
£2020625Mrs W CMaidenhead
£20202170Dr. J LSt. Albans
£20989310Mr R STring
£20440449Mrs S LHarpenden
£20301479Mrs L HTring
£2087861Mrs J DSlough
£20662361Mr A WRickmansworth
£20377914Mrs P MAylesbury
£20455939Mr A BBerkhamsted
£2031279Mr G HGreat Missenden
£20426946Mrs T KHigh Wycombe
£2035418Mr F BChesham
£2064379Mr K PTring
£2068151Mrs M BMaidenhead
£20497188Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£20167007Ms K VPinner
£20900347Mrs T ORuislip
£2021117Mr P WHigh Wycombe
£20267751Miss C KSt. Albans
£2060865Miss B PHigh Wycombe
£20207714Dr J WSt. Albans
£2026421Mrs S BWindsor
£2015101Mrs K LAylesbury
£20202467Mr A HLuton
£10921250Mr R HAylesbury
£10195251Mrs K LUxbridge
£1025770Mrs D TWindsor
£10388918Mrs S GChesham
£10464633Mr A SRickmansworth
£1079298Mr P ORickmansworth
£10298397Mr I NNorthampton
£1053418Prof. D CHarpenden
£10109716Mrs J MChalfont St. Peter
£105461Mrs M MAylesbury
£1060613Mrs G LPinner
£1065734Mrs M MAylesbury
£1039058Mr G GHayes
£102605Mrs D BTring
£10977Miss L IHemel Hempstead
£10187829Mrs M TBerkhamsted
£10202529Mrs S STring
£10655172Mrs M LHemel Hempstead
£10690299Ms L JBerkhamsted
£10112867Mrs S PSt. Albans
£10967680Mrs E MPinner
£1047565Mr M WSlough
£10372729Mrs A DNorthwood
£1023129Mrs T JSt. Albans
£10482446Mr P GMarlow
£1060435Mr P ESt. Albans
£10873160Ms J JGreat Missenden
£1084898Mr N SAylesbury
£10966315Miss V LHarpenden
£104198Ms P WPrinces Risborough
£1072938Mrs R DUxbridge
£10427064Mrs B MSlough
£10463516Mr R ARickmansworth
£1065308Miss J HAmersham
£1078863Mrs P ESt. Albans
£10901337Mrs T YMaidenhead
£10697124Mr R SSt. Albans
£1080655Mrs A SBracknell
£10281643Mr L WBuckingham
£10257188Mrs A HSlough
£1042833Mrs G CChesham
£10220489Mr B TAscot
£1082861Ms J TSt. Albans
£10626670Mrs M VBerkhamsted
£10496218Mrs J RTring
£1074197Mrs M NAylesbury
£10362547Mrs E MSt. Albans
£1045607Mrs A TAylesbury
£1010119Mr M RBerkhamsted
£1040528Mrs N FAmersham
£10904921Mrs V OMaidenhead
£10628994Mr R BRuislip
£1064569Miss A AAylesbury
£10495293Mr A SRickmansworth
£10458371Mrs M SSt. Albans
£1023746Mrs J HAylesbury
£10436885Miss C HAylesbury
£1010220Mrs W HBerkhamsted
£10410731Mrs C SHemel Hempstead
£10961005Mr P KAylesbury
£1053453Mrs E EWatford
£10355262Mrs J BRuislip
£10106355Mrs L LHemel Hempstead
£1022373Mr J BBourne End
£1045788Mr . DSt. Albans
£1078518Mr R TRickmansworth
£10152213Mr R PBracknell
£1024213Mrs J OHigh Wycombe
£1010561Miss A BUxbridge
£1048717Mrs S KAylesbury
£1047694Mrs P TRuislip
£1021274Mr T BAylesbury
£10573573Mr D BSlough
£10112098Mrs C PSt. Albans
£10436203Mrs D STring
£10383508Mrs J MWindsor
£1044671Mr & Mrs D MGerrards Cross
Prize Number Name Location
£10004296Mr G WAylesbury
£10028054Mrs P PHigh Wycombe
£100481486Mr K CWatford
£100656547Mrs M PRuislip
£2074128Ms M TAylesbury
£2061897Mrs L BHigh Wycombe
£2079020Mr J SPotters Bar
£20585119Mrs J ABerkhamsted
£20299863Mrs J CRuislip
£20135361Mrs G WBourne End
£20963094Mrs H AAylesbury
£20856771Mr P HChesham
£20447458Miss N CHemel Hempstead
£2033352Mrs S BAmersham
£20942847Mr W BAylesbury
£2071910Mr & Mrs . KAylesbury
£20700281Mrs M JChalfont St. Giles
£208895Mrs J MLeighton Buzzard
£208608Mr P SMaidenhead
£202378Mrs C JBedford
£2010887Mrs G CRuislip
£20346859Mr E WSt. Albans
£20492041Mrs S OHigh Wycombe
£2060795Ms A GSt. Albans
£20290430Mr A BUxbridge
£20192770Ms C MSt. Albans
£20197853Ms C SSt. Albans
£2079225Mrs M HHarpenden
£20231279Mrs D RKings Langley
£20445283Mrs V SPrinces Risborough
£20942536Ms T HReading
£2048810Miss E WSt. Albans
£2055528Mrs A CTring
£20462265Mr J MSt. Albans
£1033724Mrs T RHarpenden
£10343902Mrs D EKings Langley
£1081439Mrs S WWindsor
£1020269Mrs H WBerkhamsted
£1069754Mr R WLeighton Buzzard
£1061876Mrs D SHigh Wycombe
£10314623Ms K BSt. Albans
£1038497Mr D RAylesbury
£10184076Mrs C LLeighton Buzzard
£10308874Miss S GAylesbury
£1023645Mrs D VHarefield
£1070154Mrs T HChinnor
£1082481Mrs R SRuislip
£10261939Mr R GPrinces Risborough
£1085788Mrs L PPinner
£10235042Mrs C SHigh Wycombe
£1064290Mr E ISt. Albans
£1049215Mr G OUxbridge
£10376893Ms T TSt. Albans
£10333757Mrs D CHemel Hempstead
£1036074Mrs C HHemel Hempstead
£10555508Miss D WWendover
£10165461Mr M HSt. Albans
£10449857Mr S NLuton
£1083867Mrs O GMaidenhead
£1016951Mrs A BHigh Wycombe
£10202382Mrs P RChesham
£10288675Mr K MHarrow
£10434310Mr M LSt. Albans
£102862Mrs J LHigh Wycombe
£10162791Miss A GPinner
£1018995Mrs M GHemel Hempstead
£1025948Mrs S JHigh Wycombe
£10513483Mr G HAylesbury
£10574226Mrs K RSt. Albans
£10897Mrs G NRickmansworth
£1085880Mrs B DPinner
£1069402Mrs G CAylesbury
£1040736Mr R CPrinces Risborough
£10117927Mr D FSt. Albans
£10872171Mr J PGreat Missenden
£10650246Mrs H GSlough
£10452435Mrs L PHatfield
£10244934Mr G GSt. Albans
£10228293Mr I GHigh Wycombe
£1054449Mrs K PAscot
£10235314Mrs F BBerkhamsted
£1047232Mrs J JChesham
£1022484Mrs P PChesham
£1043602Miss O PBourne End
£10681907Mr M PBerkhamsted
£10287218Mrs B WMarlow
£1024536Mrs G GSt. Albans
£10310792Mr E HGreat Missenden
£10367588Mrs J HWheathampstead
£10588304Mrs S RSt. Albans
£10752588Mrs L TWarrington
£1022908Mrs P HMaidenhead
£10970265Mrs D DUxbridge
£1060813Miss P LSt. Albans
£10773968Mrs J WSt. Albans
£10476142Mrs D LAylesbury
£1067968Mrs C ASlough
£10164073Miss M SWendover
£1070281Mr A WAylesbury
£108542Mrs J WSlough
£10467761Mr A ZSlough
£10585215Mr K MHemel Hempstead
£1016306Miss C WSt. Albans
£10262156Mrs A RUxbridge
£10596929Mr J RHigh Wycombe
£1023976Mr E SSlough
£1047191Mrs J PBeaconsfield
£10312504Mr T CHemel Hempstead
£10100624Mrs M LSt. Albans
£10225557Mr C WRickmansworth
£1036970Mr L CBeaconsfield
Prize Number Name Location
£100085745Ms S PRickmansworth
£100868845Ms J PSevenoaks
£100334994Mrs A WWatford
£100968558Miss A DHemel Hempstead
£2015300Mr B SLeighton Buaazrd
£20901134Miss J SBerkhamsted
£20659239Mrs D GAylesbury
£20162276Mrs S WWatford
£2081441Mrs Y GReading
£20734841Mr T TWellingborough
£2055775Mr M MCrowthorne
£2011195Mrs H CMaidenhead
£20150672Mrs A HRuislip
£2080251Mr G TWoking
£2084372Mr D LAylesbury
£20496556Mr A JSt. Albans
£20748850Mr J CHemel Hempstead
£208108Mrs M CRickmansworth
£2031169Mrs J HSt. Albans
£20968398Mrs T MHemel Hempstead
£2080607Mrs D CAylesbury
£20652918Mrs N CBerkhamsted
£20530452Mr G BAylesbury
£20880897Mr R BHigh Wycombe
£20759419Mrs A BSt. Albans
£2069686Mrs M SSlough
£20277178Ms J HWatford
£2085501Mrs D JTring
£20158110Mrs B CLuton
£2016218Mrs C ESt. Albans
£20167689Mrs S BGerrards Cross
£20923278Mrs V BHigh Wycombe
£20149140Mrs A VAylesbury
£10268737Mrs J AHigh Wycombe
£10543312Mr D NHayes
£1023719Mr D WMilton Keynes
£10341185Miss L GAylesbury
£1055370Mrs L SStanmore
£1055651Mr . CAylesbury
£1055226Mrs V MHemel Hempstead
£10449857Mr S NLuton
£10817714Mrs S SRedbourn
£10457863Mrs M HHemel Hempstead
£1015319Mr A HSlough
£10298268Mr A SAylesbury
£10168568Mr A WSt. Albans
£107426Mrs A FHigh Wycombe
£1046398Mrs E RRickmansworth
£106904Mrs J CGreat Missenden
£1034044Mrs M MSt. Albans
£10358668Mrs C WMarlow
£10705829Mr D THigh Wycombe
£10918420Mr A LHigh Wycombe
£10473883Miss R SAylesbury
£10844503Mr G VSt. Albans
£10260180Mr R FTring
£10449867Mrs S MSt. Albans
£108694Mrs C WAylesbury
£10733595Mrs K NPrinces Risborough
£10226425Mrs T HHigh Wycombe
£10218228Mrs N SBerkhamsted
£10269240Mrs S MSt. Albans
£1016006Mr C HSt. Albans
£1081651Mr P FAylesbury
£1024602Mrs B LMaidenhead
£106753Mrs M WChalfont St. Giles
£10215733Mr P HTring
£1079850Mrs M SSt. Albans
£10459291Mrs L HRadlett
£1066860Dr. N RHemel Hempstead
£103926Mrs D GHemel Hempstead
£107982Mrs A SHarpenden
£10222585Mrs B KSt. Albans
£10926257Mrs C DSt. Albans
£10204155Mr P HSt. Albans
£10463Mrs A CHigh Wycombe
£1024344Mr I BChelmsford
£1084691Mr O MHarpenden
£10263131Mrs P PBracknell
£1026045Miss U OSt. Albans
£1054006Mr P KHarpenden
£10260992Mr L MSlough
£105424Mrs P BSlough
£1048285Miss M CMaidenhead
£10229610Miss D RMarlow
£10818978Mrs O DHemel Hempstead
£1086016Mrs A BSlough
£10826517Mrs L SAylesbury
£1076243Mrs K BMargate
£10273556Mr R BAscot
£1084256Mr M SRickmansworth
£10309706Mr J BTring
£1011958Mrs P RTring
£1045516Mr G LBerkhamsted
£1023483Mrs G MBerkhamsted
£10740836Miss M MOxford
£10220668Mrs F AKings Langley
£10787003Ms B PBracknell
£10176179Miss H MAylesbury
£10331386Mrs C CBerkhamsted
£10357542Mrs S FAylesbury
£10241608Miss P HHigh Wycombe
£10856771Mr P HChesham
£1042309Mrs J RRuislip
£10317454Mrs K SHemel Hempstead
£10380073Mrs S MSt. Albans
£1075135. P RTring
£10124537Mr E RHemel Hempstead
£1065308Miss J HAmersham
£10389716Mr N VSt. Albans
£10408926Mrs L HNorthwood
Prize Number Name Location
£1000197060Mrs F CMaidenhead
£10073719Miss J MAylesbury
£1001105Mr W HBuckingham
£10023889Mr P WHigh Wycombe
£20468236Mrs R LSt. Albans
£2015884Mr A DBracknell
£2022786Mrs D PRickmansworth
£20272615Mr J WNorthwood
£2028649Mrs . DHigh Wycombe
£208440Miss B BTring
£20216044Mrs A SSt. Albans
£20353342Mr D CHigh Wycombe
£2060210Mrs M LLeighton Buzzard
£2036052Mr P BHigh Wycombe
£20283721Mr D NWatford
£20323796Mr N RBerkhamsted
£20689031Mrs D MChalfont St. Giles
£20520098Mrs J GAylesbury
£20410203Mr L BSt. Albans
£20153681Mr P GWatford
£20746491Mrs K WBerkhamsted
£2073790Mrs L EBagshot
£2043850Miss G MTring
£20338645Mr & Mrs D YWendover
£2016565Mr . MMaidenhead
£20262146Mrs P HSlough
£20259799Mr & Mrs D BBerkhamsted
£2018546Mrs C BHemel Hempstead
£2067958Mrs Z WUxbridge
£20564811Mr S HLeighton Buzzard
£20258553Mrs L WDunstable
£2069998Mrs M WSlough
£1019507Mrs M MNorthwood
£1057871Mrs J DPinner
£10285932Mrs K PUxbridge
£10199142Mr R SRuislip
£10557686Mr M GPinner
£1069640Mr A JWindsor
£10807979Mrs G TAylesbury
£1046316Mrs J GChalfont St. Giles
£1018804Mrs S EBerkhamsted
£1015826Mrs H WBorehamwood
£1027990Mrs M HSlough
£1045420Mrs D SSt. Albans
£10255088Mrs C LChristchurch
£10362056Mrs Y WRickmansworth
£10400038Mr L WSt. Albans
£1012289Mr R HChesham
£10173417Mrs M HTring
£10271184Mr L THemel Hempstead
£1073270Mrs G GSt. Albans
£10479Mrs J CBuckingham
£1063666Mr R HAylesbury
£10222153Mrs S HTring
£1030703Mrs N WAylesbury
£1070672Mrs J HLondon
£1043936Dr. P PPinner
£10118633Mr J DBuckingham
£1045922Mr P OBerkhamsted
£1018022Mrs A SGerrards Cross
£107131Mrs J HHigh Wycombe
£1033017Mrs C PAylesbury
£10498665Mr D AHigh Wycombe
£1053717Mrs K LChesham
£1083238Mr J CHorsham
£103312Mrs L ELeighton Buzzard
£1013886Mr B CAylesbury
£1015295Mr D MPenzance
£10273128Mrs J JChalfont St. Giles
£1031118Mr M GTring
£10234129. T ATring
£1058370Mrs D RBourne End
£10328410Mrs G STring
£10224616Ms N BNorthwood
£10247900Miss J TDunstable
£10464012Mr C FAylesbury
£10988124Mrs C PBeaconsfield
£108414Mrs J KWatford
£10145272Mrs A FAmersham
£10747189Mrs J BAylesbury
£1087972Mrs J MWindsor
£10562092Mrs A LBerkhamsted
£1039736Mrs B HVirginia Water
£10467352Mrs A SHemel Hempstead
£1053713Mrs C BHemel Hempstead
£10105649Mrs D JWest Drayton
£1016017Mrs G LHigh Wycombe
£10352978Miss R BFalkirk
£1075400Mrs M TGerrards Cross
£1055018Mr R MAbbots Langley
£1084702Mrs J CHemel Hempstead
£10184420Mr J GMarlow
£1056023Mrs E MWest Drayton
£10335287Mrs C GWendover
£1024252Mrs J PRickmansworth
£1062979Mrs H NRickmansworth
£10317652Mrs S TKings Langley
£1060089Mrs S MWimborne
£1029769Mr C TChesham
£10213850Ms M BChesham
£1025736Mr M FMaidenhead
£1070888Mr & Mrs A UAylesbury
£10837182Mr M HAylesbury
£1079563Mrs H ATring
£10254079Mrs G MRickmansworth
£1013306Mrs T GAmersham
£104808Sir & Lady B SMaidenhead
£109760Mr F BUxbridge
Prize Number Name Location
£100047138Mr R PBerkhamsted
£10079878Mrs P LLeighton Buzzard
£10064282Mrs J KUxbridge
£10074480Mrs S HPrinces Risborough
£2061073Mrs E RBerkhamsted
£2049937Mr R HAylesbury
£20378371Mrs S SLetchworth Garden City
£20262905Mr S BMaidenhead
£2058069Mrs S RChesham
£20109133Mr L CHolmer Green
£20145435Miss N RAmersham
£202556Mrs H PNortholt
£20352216Mr G PSt. Albans
£20920465Miss D AHemel Hempstead
£20349599Mrs S SChesham
£2069302Mrs A PAylesbury
£2087429Mrs C SAylesbury
£20483Mrs W KHigh Wycombe
£2044721Mrs D SSt. Albans
£20421957Mr M BWendover
£2038760Mr P DChesham
£20593543Mr J BAylesbury
£20498351Mrs T LTring
£20206904Mr P RBracknell
£2079732Mr T RPinner
£2075735Mr P HSt. Albans
£2034414Mrs J TWokingham
£2076893Mrs K DHemel Hempstead
£20146010Mrs S WHemel Hempstead
£2015299Mrs F OHigh Wycombe
£20525269Mr A NHemel Hempstead
£2084571Mrs C PHigh Wycombe
£1028982Mr S CBerkhamsted
£10898093Mrs S HPinner
£10152431Mrs M WChesham
£1028716Mr J BHatfield
£10352089Miss S WAylesbury
£10285578Mrs C SNorthchurch
£10533163Mrs B BPinner
£103362Mrs T DHarpenden
£1030736Mrs M DLeighton Buzzard
£1049255Mrs N KHemel Hempstead
£104578Mrs B RChinnor
£10473948Mr J BHemel Hempstead
£1060330Mrs P SHigh Wycombe
£1056053Mrs J CSt. Albans
£10291240Mr L CHigh Wycombe
£10133098Mrs M RAylesbury
£1015640Mrs C SWindsor
£10458797Miss A SUxbridge
£10236154Mr J MHarpenden
£10294182Mr A VHigh Wycombe
£1052617Mr A FHemel Hempstead
£1073375Mrs J BAscot
£10563430Ms E ERuislip
£1089316Mr F TSlough
£1083011Mrs C DBracknell
£1050182Ms T CChesham
£1013799Dr. J WHuntingdon
£105512Mrs C DAylesbury
£10174549Mrs H HGerrards Cross
£10405762Mrs R CSt. Albans
£10371093Mr R KRickmansworth
£10355Mrs S HWindsor
£10408896Mr H BBourne End
£1033379Mrs F GHigh Wycombe
£1064149Mr M YNorthchurch
£10737309Mrs S TStevenage
£10184029Mr K DBeaconsfield
£10767685Mrs L MChesham
£10301690Mrs S HHigh Wycombe
£1051085Mr M BBracknell
£1039173Mrs R THemel Hempstead
£1047827Mrs P KNorthwood
£10901785Mrs J BHemel Hempstead
£1088416Mr S GThame
£1083535Mrs A LStaines
£105191Mrs A BAylesbury
£107832Mrs B NSt. Albans
£1038172Mrs J HRickmansworth
£1034978Mrs B PWendover
£10393381Mrs P YHazlemere
£1068135Mr M SGerrards Cross
£1069035Mr & Mrs I SHigh Wycombe
£1079250Mr N WTring
£1030690Mrs M BHarrow
£10398031Mrs G HChesham
£10297083Mr D KGreat Missenden
£10781309Mrs J CHemel Hempstead
£1025183Miss V HWindsor
£1033866Mr C PPinner
£10176504Mrs S JAylesbury
£1038719Mrs J MSlough
£10349724Mr P WHigh Wycombe
£105569Mrs B WAylesbury
£10453031Mrs L TWatford
£10455804Mr W SCrowthorne
£10177100Ms C FSlough
£10417964Mrs M HAylesbury
£10505375Miss D VAylesbury
£1076865Mrs A STring
£10171071Mrs M MWatford
£1072014Mrs J BWindsor
£10296251Mr C HLeighton Buzzard
£10249393Mrs H SNorthwood
£1058056Mr R DSt. Albans
£1081419Mrs S RPinner
£10371326Mrs P JAmersham
£10174361Ms E MAylesbury
Prize Number Name Location
£100059522Miss W SAylesbury
£1006548Mrs J JHigh Wycombe
£100423732Mr P RRickmansworth
£10034529Mr J HHarpenden
£2017562Mr J HSlough
£2038640Mrs C SMaidenhead
£20607438Mr B WAmersham
£20892410Mrs L KBerkhamsted
£2037439Mrs P CHigh Wycombe
£2066841Mrs A FHigh Wycombe
£20465803Mr A WAmersham
£2051568Mrs M PMaidenhead
£20209383Mr D HHemel Hempstead
£205027Mrs A BWoodbridge
£2085946Mr J BRuislip
£20249251Mrs K TSlough
£20226842Mrs D HSt. Albans
£2056273Mr A BAylesbury
£20454172Mrs G MSlough
£20432914Mrs D AMarlow
£20476523Mr N WRuislip
£20496938Mr R GHemel Hempstead
£2078132Mr R AHemel Hempstead
£20875731Mrs M HNorthwood
£2012142Mr H SMaidenhead
£20440513Ms D RBracknell
£2059487Mrs M HHemel Hempstead
£2043896Mrs S BSt. Albans
£20389723Miss G MHemel Hempstead
£20243405Mrs J RHigh Wycombe
£2069793Mr G MChesham
£20201757Mrs M HRickmansworth
£2019531Mrs D JTring
£20444416Mrs J IThame
£1046933Mrs G BAmersham
£1088206Miss K FCamberley
£108352Mrs K QThame
£10281193Mr H BLeighton Buzzard
£10529594Mrs I EAylesbury
£10971904Mrs E MWatford
£10198418Mr D MRuislip
£10478509Mr D BUxbridge
£1050732Mr W TSlough
£10770476Mr D GGreat Missenden
£10173681Mr G DSlough
£10412582Mrs S CPrinces Risborough
£10243398Mrs M EGreat Missenden
£1082064Mrs V PLeighton Buzzard
£10712469Mr D RSt. Albans
£10425522Mrs S THemel Hempstead
£10126542Mr P MWatford
£1019378Mrs J PHemel Hempstead
£1079204Mr S CBerkhamsted
£1086096Mrs C BAylesbury
£1065144Mrs I PHemel Hempstead
£1020166Mr P MBerkhamsted
£1049416Mrs S RSlough
£1065210Mrs P TBuckingham
£1012385Mr P DHarpenden
£1060218Mrs S SBerkhamsted
£10202099Mr A THemel Hempstead
£10470634Mr R CLeighton Buzzard
£10316859Mr A PChesham
£10468298Miss S CHigh Wycombe
£1029566Mr W BHemel Hempstead
£1052674Mrs A WDiss
£10430564Mrs J KHigh Wycombe
£10199229Mrs J HHemel Hempstead
£10224228Mrs P FChesham
£10492280Mr P LHarpenden
£1061928Mrs P BAxminster
£1017371Miss M SBeaconsfield
£1013435Mr C JChalfont St. Giles
£1083634Mrs M CAbbots Langley
£1042060Mr Z QSt. Albans
£1076894Mr P KSt. Albans
£1045597Mrs A FHigh Wycombe
£10302304Dr J WSt. Albans
£102129Mrs J GWatford
£10110408Mrs C BHemel Hempstead
£1089560Mrs A MSt. Albans
£1066423Mrs J MWindsor
£1043336Mr P FKings Langley
£10370181Mrs D SNorthwood
£1054449Mrs K PAscot
£1051394Mr M VCheddington
£10325145Mrs J BAmersham
£10448141Mrs R THarrow
£1032485Mrs V KAscot
£10679862Mr S PSt. Albans
£1031847Mrs D MHarpenden
£1011198Mr I STring
£105580Mr N HTring
£10469056Mr M BSt. Albans
£10142080Mr K BHigh Wycombe
£10556361Mrs P CChesham
£10138673Mrs E NSt. Albans
£10983060Mrs B JLeighton Buzzard
£107727Miss A HWatford
£106861Mr J LGreat Missenden
£1051874Mrs E GSt. Albans
£10476017Mr P SMaidenhead
£1039785Mrs R MKings Langley
£10707879Mrs M SGerrards Cross
£1011254Mr J RBracknell
£10511225Mr H EBushey
£1015770Mrs C FMaidenhead
£1033345Mrs S GBerkhamsted
£10287079Mrs R KNorthwood
£10467079Mrs J GRuislip
£1079135Mrs S LLeighton Buzzard
£10218239Mr A WSt. Albans
£1079271Mr A SBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
£100040837Mrs P MTring
£10047431Mrs L SGerrards Cross
£100792858Mrs M NGreat Missenden
£1001670Mr J PGreat Missenden
£2054249Mr M BUxbridge
£2058157Mrs D AAylesbury
£20192683Mrs A BSt. Albans
£2017756Mr R NSt. Albans
£20428101Mrs P FHazlemere
£2047376Mr E SUxbridge
£20459255Ms J MSt. Albans
£2016553Mrs V PBerkhamsted
£2073872Mrs H GMarlow
£208521Mr G WWendover
£20454168Mrs S CWatford
£20229334Mr I JBerkhamsted
£2063739Mrs M SNortholt
£20171384Mr D SMarlow
£20638084Mrs J TSlough
£20477685Mr I PUxbridge
£20182606Mrs G HAylesbury
£20460414Mrs P OAbbots Langley
£20166858Mr P BAylesbury
£20360658Miss F BDunstable
£20107Mrs S ETring
£2034359Miss N BBournemouth
£20322679Mrs J MMaidenhead
£20192164Mrs J CBeaconsfield
£20412144Mr A CGerrards Cross
£20365235Mrs D BSlough
£2046605Mrs J CAylesbury
£20344024Mr P CSt. Albans
£2057841Mrs B PNorthwood
£20352552Mr D CHayes
£10471713Mrs P NHarrow
£1026205Mrs D BGreat Missenden
£10222585Mrs B KSt. Albans
£10228480Mr S PSt. Albans
£1045473Mrs P WChesham
£10210456Miss C HMaidenhead
£10736157Mr R BChesham
£1075781Mr G LAbbots Langley
£10544571Mrs A RGreat Missenden
£1042643Mr G MAylesbury
£1049771Mr R DSlough
£102393Ms K WHemel Hempstead
£1038665Miss C DNorthwood
£10369801Mrs N DAmersham
£1018995Mrs M GHemel Hempstead
£10314716Mr M SChesham
£10850787Miss R WWatford
£10748437Mrs S MSt. Albans
£10585660Mrs M WTring
£1034902Mrs S SSt. Albans
£1068616Ms A LSt. Albans
£10324145Mr M BWest Drayton
£1050031Dr. J PBerkhamsted
£10417524Mr M ESt. Albans
£1069710Miss K BSt. Albans
£1016371Mrs C BLeighton Buzzard
£1010995Mr J NBourne End
£1083430Mrs D BMarlow
£1036409Mrs L KChesham
£10435625Mrs L GAylesbury
£1089220Mr D JHarpenden
£1032188Mrs L CHigh Wycombe
£10213211Mrs N JBracknell
£1047718Mrs A BWoodbridge
£10106977Mrs S LWindsor
£1054298Mr S WLeighton Buzzard
£10436066Mr M EAylesbury
£10358284Miss A MBracknell
£1027193Mr A HWendover
£10113208Mrs L DNorthchurch
£10170095Miss N RHayes
£1088821Mr A RSt. Albans
£10636017Mrs C BHigh Wycombe
£1016011Mrs J PHemel Hempstead
£10191673Mrs M RBerkhamsted
£10410203Mr L BSt. Albans
£10796971Mrs E ASt. Albans
£106830Mr D SHigh Wycombe
£1024771Mr R BTring
£10874739Mrs S MRuislip
£10224157Mrs J BUxbridge
£1076255Mrs H PBuckingham
£1084712Ms M KHemel Hempstead
£10189078Mr E TKendal
£1081173Mr D HWindsor
£1035745Mr S PSt. Albans
£1050267Mr B HAylesbury
£10546110Mr A NHemel Hempstead
£10981913Mrs C JSt. Albans
£1075244Mrs A ZAylesbury
£10343688Mr R MHemel Hempstead
£1071935Mrs B CSt. Albans
£10237067Mrs T DSlough
£1050370Mr D KTring
£10397717Mrs C KUxbridge
£1067254Mrs M CHemel Hempstead
£1034993Mrs I GStaines
£10121636Mrs D CBorehamwood
£10166263Mr T RSt. Albans
£1057848Mrs M LPrinces Risborough
£1036974Mrs O DBerkhamsted
£1057559Mr L HHigh Wycombe
£10183351Mr A BWindsor
£1073789Miss N IWindsor
£10244047Mrs K RRickmansworth
£1082310Mr P BPrinces Risborough
£1069971Mrs K HWindsor
£102708Mrs J RWendover
£1082009Mrs M JWindsor
Prize Number Name Location
£100087105Mr P DAylesbury
£100716245Mr & Mrs J GHarpenden
£100586469Mr H NSt. Albans
£100388397Mr P JTring
£2042666Mrs G SSt. Albans
£20251271Dr. L SSt. Albans
£2035519Mr S BDunstable
£20971638Mrs S GWatford
£20828353Mrs J PAylesbury
£2081714Mrs J PHigh Wycombe
£20548058Mrs C VAylesbury
£20379704Mrs J GBracknell
£20995221Mr W SHigh Wycombe
£2025504Mr R JMaidenhead
£20282846Mr & Mrs D WRuislip
£20432214Mrs M SSt. Albans
£20402265Mr B MPrinces Risborough
£208327Mr M CSt. Albans
£20460200Mrs J MMaidenhead
£2067904Mr F BSt. Albans
£20643923Mr B VTring
£2046470Mr D HRickmansworth
£2067202Miss M MTring
£20403527Mrs P CHemel Hempstead
£2052988Mrs P DMaidenhead
£20967469Mrs C MSt. Albans
£20289515Mr R LLuton
£20770479Mr A CHarpenden
£20210583Mr B WBeaconsfield
£2011909Mr C AWatford
£20207420Mrs M CAylesbury
£20418699Mrs H SBerkhamsted
£2056205Mrs R MMarlow
£1016231Mrs J HHigh Wycombe
£1031118Mr M GTring
£10334048Miss C GMarlow
£10256020Mrs B HPinner
£1013688Mrs W RBeaconsfield
£104071Mrs S MTorpoint
£10319527Dr A CHigh Wycombe
£10935666Mr D JLeighton Buzzard
£1061757Mrs K JWhitchurch
£1044504Mrs M LChesham
£10142124Mrs Z RHigh Wycombe
£1025305Mrs J BSt. Albans
£10231704Mr S PAston Clinton
£10112327Mrs N LHigh Wycombe
£10300701Mrs S BWatford
£10336851Mr R HBracknell
£1072472Mr R PHigh Wycombe
£10658556Mr A FBerkhamsted
£10350301Mrs S PMarlow
£10147927Miss J CHigh Wycombe
£1011706Mrs M WUxbridge
£1086088Mrs C SBuckingham
£10225199Mr P PBracknell
£10192819Mrs A LLeighton Buzzard
£10330099Mrs E BHigh Wycombe
£1033132Mrs M DWindsor
£10343625Mr R DAylesbury
£10253361Mr D LPinner
£10956090Mr A SBerkhamsted
£10113029Miss L OSt. Albans
£10915045Mrs P QWatford
£1069892Mrs J TSt. Albans
£1023560Mrs P THigh Wycombe
£10761448Dr C HHarpenden
£1050148Miss R PAscot
£10422963Mrs D HHemel Hempstead
£1061637Mr P MBracknell
£10237298Mr G DAylesbury
£1014544Mrs C HWinslow
£10447777Mrs B AAylesbury
£10803039Mrs W RRickmansworth
£108281Miss B GAylesbury
£10700094Miss R FHemel Hempstead
£10254906Mrs P WSt. Albans
£10575433Mrs R BHemel Hempstead
£1055459Mr C BAylesbury
£10339866Mr G BMilton Keynes
£10372751Mrs T SPinner
£10511855Miss C AHemel Hempstead
£1024053Mrs P SHaddenham
£10254632Mr P MPrinces Risborough
£101449Ms P PHarefield
£106076Mr J MLondon
£1047170Mrs A JMaidenhead
£1042235Mrs C MBourne End
£10289484Mrs J WMarlow
£10780844Mrs R WNorthwood
£10146689Mr A RHigh Wycombe
£104180Mrs S PChalfont St. Giles
£1056619Mrs C BRuislip
£107241Mrs J ATring
£1085489Mr D BBerkhamsted
£1016689Mr J KWindsor
£10704564Mr I GHigh Wycombe
£10606879Miss C FSt. Albans
£1037265Mrs S CHayes
£10900612Mr R GBerkhamsted
£1013507Mrs P EChinnor
£1030034Mrs A HMaidenhead
£10304538Mrs J WWatford
£10964706Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£10580018Mr C PHemel Hempstead
£10481157Mr J DAscot
£1059818Mrs D HHigh Wycombe
£10615813Mr M NHigh Wycombe
£107331Mrs C AOxford
£10247473Mr S TAylesbury
£1063612Ms J HHemel Hempstead
£10485306Mrs A AMarlow
£10116935Mr M RHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£1000397345Miss H PBourne End
£10049817Mrs J VBourne End
£100303834Mrs M GBerkhamsted
£10010609Mrs G BUxbridge
£20432609Mr P WAbbots Langley
£20587975Mr J DRickmansworth
£20961634Mrs E WWatford
£2084846Mr N MAscot
£20355816Mrs J PWindsor
£2064569Miss A AAylesbury
£20924502Ms M RWatford
£20654035Mrs T HHemel Hempstead
£20551386Mrs J MSlough
£20331352Mrs K CThame
£2033379Mrs F GHigh Wycombe
£20592002Mrs M MSt. Albans
£2065950Mrs C JHarpenden
£2058915Mrs J GHemel Hempstead
£20295064Mrs T HAylesbury
£20447206Mr J ATring
£20465350Ms M BHemel Hempstead
£2083201Mr J MSt. Albans
£2073647Miss C BLeighton Buzzard
£20557214Ms S SHemel Hempstead
£20257836Mrs J FHemel Hempstead
£20103447Ms S MAylesbury
£2031809Mrs M AAylesbury
£2058473Mrs S BReading
£20487235Mr J WHemel Hempstead
£20739408Miss C GBerkhamsted
£20528792Mrs C PBerkhamsted
£20690204Mrs L CBerkhamsted
£20240684Mrs M SHemel Hempstead
£2067778Mrs S SHigh Wycombe
£10656032Mr D OAmersham
£1039728Mrs E NGreat Missenden
£10640144Mrs E HSt. Albans
£10501975Mrs E PHigh Wycombe
£1035522Mrs E TPrinces Risborough
£10263652Mr R WKings Langley
£10984215Prof. G RHemel Hempstead
£10158219Ms I FSlough
£10315729Miss V WPinner
£10319039Mrs S BAylesbury
£10395846Mr B BHemel Hempstead
£10391639Mr D WHigh Wycombe
£10145984Mr M BHemel Hempstead
£1086472Miss R CSouthall
£10348121Mr H OMaidenhead
£1025571Mrs A CAylesbury
£108399Mrs J BBushey
£10187720Mr J MNorthwood
£1039731Mrs E WChalfont St. Peter
£1070573Mr D SHarrow
£10308484Mrs G MTring
£10590990Miss R FHemel Hempstead
£10174852Mrs D HAylesbury
£1029992Mrs L ATring
£10340834Mrs V BAmersham
£1031471Mr J BHemel Hempstead
£10431950Ms H LChesham
£10115240Mrs M LHayes
£1036072Mrs D PUxbridge
£10369674Mrs G WHigh Wycombe
£10277987Mr N PAylesbury
£10794Mrs A GTring
£10476721Mr P MDunstable
£1078222Mrs F GWatford
£10764532Ms S BAylesbury
£1010651Mrs H PPrinces Risborough
£10891416Mr T FSt. Albans
£10181349Mrs J PBracknell
£1082815Mrs D CSt. Albans
£1024685Major General H WSalisbury
£10150584Miss A UAylesbury
£1017296Mrs A DHemel Hempstead
£10159532Mr P SSt. Albans
£1045656Mrs D CSt. Albans
£10414108Miss P MHemel Hempstead
£1024540Mrs J TKings Langley
£10121840Miss F CHemel Hempstead
£10209793Mr P HWendover
£1086152Mrs C THigh Wycombe
£10865120Mrs E CSt. Albans
£10474442Mr R FHigh Wycombe
£10401862Mrs J RSt. Albans
£10378678Mrs M LTring
£10103941Mrs J JAscot
£10442772Mr S MDunstable
£10171469Mr M WSt. Albans
£1048927Mrs M MBerkhamsted
£1074562Mrs M BBorehamwood
£10562489Mr L TAylesbury
£10463959Ms F MChesham
£10930370Mr P SEgham
£1029484Mrs L LMaidenhead
£10116475Mrs C FAbbots Langley
£10933917Mrs C WSt. Albans
£1075293Mrs T SHemel Hempstead
£10149084Mrs C SHarpenden
£10129870Mrs N KBerkhamsted
£1087050Mrs A BAbbots Langley
£1063763Mrs J DWatford
£1038609Miss J DHemel Hempstead
£10427770Mr J PGreat Missenden
£1026620Miss A AAylesbury
£10426505Mr I WBracknell
£1030123Mr A RSlough
£1046817Mrs D THemel Hempstead
£10444941Mr B SPrinces Risborough
£10192819Mrs A LLeighton Buzzard
£10225279Mrs S MSt. Albans
£10119808Mr S JHemel Hempstead
Prize Number Name Location
£100073229Mr E BCrowthorne
£100698421Ms S MRickmansworth
£100142452Mrs A WChalfont St. Peter
£100203096Mr D RPinner
£2039816Mr J SBracknell
£20303681Mrs T JUxbridge
£20206193Mrs M BHigh Wycombe
£20703274Mr & Mrs C MSt. Albans
£20330687Miss R GMarlow
£20189893Miss R CAylesbury
£2082713Mrs A FSlough
£2063369Mr H KLeighton Buzzard
£20149090Mrs S MSt. Albans
£2048034Mr R LMaidenhead
£20662510Mr G FBoxmoor
£2085064Mrs M BChesham
£2063277Mrs C WSt. Albans
£20596946Mrs S SAylesbury
£20370841Mrs G PBishop's Stortford
£20427327Mrs P OBerkhamsted
£2085710Mrs S BChinnor
£20946131Mrs P BHigh Wycombe
£20121705Mr M BRuislip
£20764172Mrs C BGreat Missenden
£2030215Mrs H HHemel Hempstead
£20851390Ms S BSt. Albans
£2023495Mr/Ms D FHigh Wycombe
£2088008Miss L ELeeds
£20273819Mrs J CChesham
£20972648Mrs M CHigh Wycombe
£20915420Mrs J GBerkhamsted
£20576877Mrs V CHemel Hempstead
£2060813Miss P LSt. Albans
£20899913Mr I KExmouth
£1086586Mr P CRuislip
£1081247Mrs P DChalfont St. Giles
£10134911Mrs S EHemel Hempstead
£10141414Mrs T MBracknell
£10677125Mr & Mrs R RMaidenhead
£1012987Mr B CHemel Hempstead
£1021025Mrs K DBuckingham
£10126464Mrs J CWinslow
£10226497Mrs A CSlough
£1077375Mrs C CBerkhamsted
£1010023Mr & Mrs K THigh Wycombe
£1046039Mrs J AHigh Wycombe
£10490171Mrs S CSt. Albans
£10206862Mrs M BUxbridge
£10896245Mr M THigh Wycombe
£10218294Mrs H AAylesbury
£10168515Mrs R GHemel Hempstead
£10602812Mr T WWatford
£1063681Mr M WBracknell
£1072944Mr K MSt. Albans
£1072185Mr J CSt. Albans
£10260747Mrs H MSt. Albans
£1071670Mrs E CHemel Hempstead
£1043504Mrs A AAscot
£1068422Mrs J MHarpenden
£1064144Mr . JHigh Wycombe
£1080779Mrs M GBerkhamsted
£10319185Mrs V MHemel Hempstead
£1087515Mrs K APrinces Risborough
£1062870Mrs J WWindsor
£109598Mrs V SChesham
£10253163Mr R GBracknell
£1042799Mr P SPoole
£10656541Mr G MHarefield
£1013236Ms L HNorthwood
£10241282Mr N PHarrow
£1088662Mrs J CNorthwood
£10737895Ms J SBerkhamsted
£10543004Mrs J CAylesbury
£10242538Mr A BSt. Albans
£1052481Mrs M AUxbridge
£1062335Mr C RNorthwood
£1034164Mrs S RChorleywood
£10444450Mr D HUxbridge
£1051934Mr I FPeterborough
£1011580Mrs B RSt. Albans
£10491610Mr G HSlough
£10994147Mrs P CTring
£1083982Mrs K MBeaconsfield
£10699945Mr G AAylesbury
£10384459Mr R YNorthwood
£103034Mrs T QOxford
£10268530Mrs P AAscot
£10131850Mrs M RSt. Albans
£10299113Ms M BChesham
£10331177Mrs G FAmersham
£10243635Mr A MSt. Albans
£1012523Mr C SBerkhamsted
£10102892Mr L PAylesbury
£10302462Mrs L LChalfont St. Giles
£10422892Mrs M NHigh Wycombe
£10239751Mr M MSt. Albans
£10585794Mrs M PChesham
£10400502Mr A CHigh Wycombe
£1052194Mrs J RWatford
£1061788Mrs P NAmersham
£1069807Mrs J CPrinces Risborough
£106157Mr B CHigh Wycombe
£10286800Mrs M LSt. Albans
£10392393Mr & Mrs I LCalne
£10176347Mrs M RMarlow
£10359595Mrs C MHemel Hempstead
£10290487Mrs L DHazlemere
£10461Mr A JLeighton Buzzard
£1035616Mr S KTring
£10438588Mr S BWatford
£10492752Miss A RWindsor

Superdraw Results

Prize Number Name Location
1st345985Mrs B DMaidenhead
2nd344316Mrs S MBerkhamsted
3rd317971Mr P HRoyston
4th (1)24868Mr H KLeighton Buzzard
4th (2)344152Ms A GTring
4th (3)341893Mrs W BWatford
4th (4)343157Mr P TChesham
4th (5)343178Mrs G CChesham
Prize Number Name Location
M&S voucher57531Mr P SChesham
M&S voucher345204Mr P DHarpenden
M&S voucher318758Mrs HKings Langley
M&S voucher313603Ms J CBerkhamsted
M&S voucher308977Mrs D SHigh Wycombe
M&S voucher132658Mrs J RAmersham
M&S voucher341909Mr J DWatford
M&S voucher342743Mrs D SHemel Hempstead
M&S voucher63326Ms R NRickmansworth
M&S voucher44128Mr M BAylesbury
Prize Number Name Location
1st323432Mrs BWendover
2nd319999Mrs AGreat Kingshill
3rd30077Mr CHigh Wycombe
4th (1)331047Mrs FTring
4th (2)300854Ms SAylesbury
4th (3)330724Mrs FDenham
4th (4)40457Miss MTring
4th (5)332420Mrs GBerkhamsted
Prize Number Name Location
M&S voucher302641Miss P RHigh Wycombe
M&S voucher248526Mrs M DThame
M&S voucher117113Mrs K TWindsor
M&S voucher349734Mrs E WHarpenden
M&S voucher19521Mr G PAylesbury
M&S voucher65734Mr L PPrestwood
M&S voucher217424Mr A SAylesbury
M&S voucher345932Mrs C SUxbridge
M&S voucher253121Mr J GMaidenhead
M&S voucher245345Mrs B WMaidenhead

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