Hospice Lottery Results


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Lottery Results

Prize Number Name Location
£100046401Mr D WChesham
£100784029Mrs H HBushey
£100470129Mrs L KHigh Wycombe
£100416589Mrs T EBuckingham
£20631672Mrs C GBovingdon
£20480524Mr A BAscot
£20133118Ms E SHigh Wycombe
£2081295Mrs J SSt. Albans
£20834693Mr M LHemel Hempstead
£20983261Mrs J BSt. Albans
£20298147Mrs T VPinner
£2033379Mrs F GHigh Wycombe
£20788151Miss S DSlough
£2062371Mrs T CGerrards Cross
£20234268Mr K WWindsor
£20427039Mrs M SBourne End
£2050422Mrs L RAylesbury
£2091Mrs M FAmersham
£2069807Mrs J CPrinces Risborough
£20128990Mrs J SMarlow
£2090480Single Ticket Winner-
£20961140Mr S MPrinces Risborough
£2090019Single Ticket Winner-
£2091064Single Ticket Winner-
£20192539Mrs C FBourne End
£20343794Mr L HTwickenham
£20437139Mrs J HMaidenhead
£20846032Mr J SHarpenden
£20763509Mr B PLeighton Buzzard
£20142612Mr E DSt. Albans
£20274703Mrs D WGeat Missenden
£20143642Mrs M WTring
£201402Dr C LSt. Albans
£20444174Mr A WMarlow
£10621346Mr D FAmersham
£10671602Mr J WChesham
£1090097Single Ticket Winner-
£1091266Single Ticket Winner-
£10968980Miss A BHemel Hempstead
£10413178Mr B SSt. Albans
£1055391Mrs M OHigh Wycombe
£10274745Mrs C GDunstable
£10938137Ms G SBourne End
£1011168Mrs P BHigh Wycombe
£10149276Mr T SHigh Wycombe
£1031568Mrs A PSt. Albans
£10575847Mr P NHigh Wycombe
£1073885Mr T FHemel Hempstead
£10307529Mr M AIver
£10196221Mr A GRickmansworth
£1018086Mr & Mrs P CHigh Wycombe
£10458366Mrs F CSlough
£10304255Mr D CSt. Albans
£1068188Mrs G MWindsor
£10540312Mrs A BBerkhamsted
£10449621Mrs S PHigh Wycombe
£10191479Ms J THigh Wycombe
£10459657Mr C WLeighton Buzzard
£10911265Mr B OLeighton Buzzard
£104759Ms S PHemel Hempstead
£10714750Ms S ESt. Albans
£1091131Single Ticket Winner-
£10496500Mr L CRickmansworth
£10782195Mr D NChesham
£10723393Mrs T EAylesbury
£1027564Mrs J HMarlow
£1070061Miss S VTring
£10181796Ms A GKings Langley
£10631057Mrs J VGreat Missenden
£10365689Mrs H HRuislip
£10329690Ms P JAylesbury
£1028020Mr L AAmersham
£1036693Mrs S BAylesbury
£10253163Mr R GBracknell
£1047531Mr J BHigh Wycombe
£1047389Mrs J NSlough
£1090154Single Ticket Winner-
£10276705Mrs J GUxbridge
£10215145Mrs S HRickmansworth
£10249191Mr J MSt. Albans
£105704Mrs C MAylesbury
£10198388Miss A KGreat Missenden
£1054398Mrs A CSt. Albans
£10111945Mrs J SNorthwood
£10320346Mrs C RRuislip
£10304159Mrs C SRuislip
£10529442Mrs B HHigh Wycombe
£10621519Mr D BSt. Albans
£10526585Mrs G JGerrards Cross
£1066626Mrs A PSt. Albans
£1044579Mr M GMuch Hadham
£10850068Mrs P GNorthwood
£10483335Mrs E SAylesbury
£10985653Mrs E ABeaconsfield
£1074311Mrs F WMaidenhead
£10520398Mrs A HTring
£10181843Mr K HCrowthorne
£1090079Single Ticket Winner-
£10289436Miss S TAylesbury
£1069563Mr B PAylesbury
£10447430Mrs S SPinner
£10970599Mr J PAylesbury
£10206146Mrs A MRuislip
£1061793Mrs R PAylesbury
£10667715Mr G CSt. Albans
£10654301Mr S RHemel Hempstead
£10492749Mrs B CHarpenden
£1075549Mrs P SHemel Hempstead
£1018543Mrs M KSlough
£1055944Mr M CBagshot
£1045785Mr D BSt. Albans
£1091326Single Ticket Winner-
£10680557Mrs D ALeighton Buzzard
£10458342Mr E KWindsor
Prize Number Name Location
£1000899619Mrs J MLeighton Buzzard
£10018135Mrs C DBeaconsfield
£10090534Single Ticket Winner-
£10024882Mrs A ABerkhamsted
£20963094Mrs H AAylesbury
£20554287Mrs J SSt. Albans
£2030198Mr O RMaidenhead
£2076010Miss N WWokingham
£2052998Mrs M CHigh Wycombe
£205082Mr F BAylesbury
£20189095Mrs E HHigh Wycombe
£20201442Miss C CLondon
£2029931Mr D DAylesbury
£20147349Ms J OHemel Hempstead
£2058026Mrs B ASlough
£209657Mrs E CPinner
£20772322Mr M SHigh Wycombe
£2027041Mr T CTring
£20730017Mr P EHigh Wycombe
£20562236Mrs M CRuislip
£2019475Mr S FGreat Missenden
£2034846Mrs G WHigh Wycombe
£20372046Mr P CTring
£2091893Single Ticket Winner-
£20578656Mrs D PHigh Wycombe
£20233027Mr B SAbbots Langley
£2011585Mrs J SAylesbury
£20110784Mrs G SSt. Albans
£20858278Mrs F KHemel Hempstead
£20200496Mr P SMaidenhead
£20566999Mr C BHemel Hempstead
£20425625Mr A SSt. Albans
£20459428Mr R WLeighton Buzzard
£2090883Single Ticket Winner-
£10425636Mrs A BHayes
£1018089Mr J TWatchet
£103232Mr S KSt. Albans
£1011592Mrs H BHemel Hempstead
£1055549Mr M WWindsor
£10503437Mrs N CWatford
£10248225Mr P BAylesbury
£10784184Mr R HSt. Albans
£1057395Mrs J HMaidenhead
£10594717Miss A BHatfield
£10826345Mr G BChesham
£10231954Mrs S SAylesbury
£1074480Mrs S HPrinces Risborough
£10472678Mrs M HUxbridge
£10407583Mrs J PKings Langley
£1070874Mr A CHigh Wycombe
£10148234Mrs L SBerkhamsted
£1035519Mr S BDunstable
£10121123Mrs J HAylesbury
£10335792Mrs J BChesham
£1086299Mrs B BGreat Missenden
£10162386Mrs M SHigh Wycombe
£10396661Mrs S JMaidenhead
£10202046Mrs J HDunstable
£1044214Mrs A SUxbridge
£1085147Mrs P LPrinces Risborough
£1078385Mrs L CAscot
£10582764Mr F CAylesbury
£1011958Mrs P RTring
£10307966Miss J DHemel Hempstead
£10713430Mr C LRickmansworth
£10325157Mrs K RSt. Albans
£10569147Mrs S TBerkhamsted
£10339519Mr S HBerkhamsted
£10430505Mrs R DGreat Missenden
£10561666Mr J WSt. Albans
£1035163Mr A WTring
£10451648Mrs B RHigh Wycombe
£10455851Mr P WTring
£10304010Mr S PSt. Albans
£10453010Mrs C TBuckingham
£1028877Mrs S WMaidenhead
£1047819Mrs C WBeaconsfield
£10226320Mr C HHayes
£10980055Mr M LRickmansworth
£10615657Mrs S WHemel Hempstead
£1020610Mrs E SSt. Albans
£10177977Mrs P WSt. Albans
£10370183Miss C BEgham
£10758061Mr K BBerkhamsted
£10201695Mrs L EAylesbury
£10143771Mrs M OMaidenhead
£1021124Mrs S CSt. Albans
£10193514Mr R CGreat Missenden
£10191421Mr P CHigh Wycombe
£10173795Mrs A BTring
£10364461Ms I RWatford
£10941807Mrs D KHarrow
£10982055Mr R CLeighton Buzzard
£10287502Mrs S CAylesbury
£1090515Single Ticket Winner-
£10359491Mrs A CUxbridge
£10794098Miss C HWatford
£1090856Single Ticket Winner-
£10698380Mrs M CSt. Albans
£10407486Mrs E DReading
£10399084Mr N VTring
£10160082Mr L HHemel Hempstead
£1079195Mrs S CPrestonpans
£10973067Mrs S LAmersham
£10313209Mr C TBerkhamsted
£10964606Mr P CHemel Hempstead
£10391026Mrs S HMarlow
£10864381Mrs A HPinner
£10256938Mrs D WHigh Wycombe
£1078184Mr K NHigh Wycombe
£10232916Mrs S BAylesbury
£10168080Mr P NHigh Wycombe
£10639683Mr J THigh Wycombe
£1045157Mrs P BBeaconsfield
Prize Number Name Location
£1000984215Prof. G RHemel Hempstead
£10022438Mrs J FBerkhamsted
£10065982Ms J BBerkhamsted
£10057710Mrs E PBerkhamsted
£20294749Mr V CHigh Wycombe
£20131252Mr P HRuislip
£2045444Mrs S BAylesbury
£2080843Mrs F MPrinces Risborough
£20476791Miss K JRickmansworth
£20712709Ms J GWatford
£20372838Mrs J NAylesbury
£20384180Mrs J GSlough
£20169185Mr T WHemel Hempstead
£20953404Mr R MBicester
£20416343Mrs R BTring
£20402383Mr R GRuislip
£20333414Mrs H PHemel Hempstead
£20459983Mr R MHarpenden
£20950429Mrs J YSt. Albans
£203826Mr D MHigh Wycombe
£2039906Mr I FWindsor
£20533653Mr R CTring
£20629308Mrs M SBerkhamsted
£20142995Mrs S WUxbridge
£20384470Mrs R DAylesbury
£20219682Mr M GMarlow
£20660422Mrs A WHemel Hempstead
£20549920Mr K HMarlow
£20419811Mrs L SLeighton Buzzard
£20632432Mrs J FKings Langley
£20111607Mr P SAylesbury
£20400595Miss L BBerkhamsted
£2081061Mrs E JMlton Keynes
£2019254Mrs D JAmersham
£10223116Mrs E WMaidenhead
£1034864Mrs J LMaidenhead
£10153061Mr M HSt. Albans
£10231227Mrs D PChalfont St. Giles
£10797009Mrs D SUxbridge
£10247952Mrs S GRickmansworth
£1030648Mrs E SBorehamwood
£10160138Mrs L WTring
£1082905Mrs M GMarlow
£10988285Mrs L GHemel Hempstead
£104140Mrs S WKings Langley
£10736864Mrs A KHemel Hempstead
£10911149Mr N DBourne End
£10159046Mrs F BHigh Wycombe
£10901144Mr J PAylesbury
£1079372Mr H HAylesbury
£10656273Mr S DCamberley
£10528915Mr I WBerkhamsted
£10363871Ms S CHarrow
£10188361Mrs J CSlough
£10770538Mrs T MWatford
£1026196Mr R KMaidenhead
£10162140Mr G KHemel Hempstead
£10765731Mrs C HGreat Missenden
£1019802Mr M OWarminster
£10497007Mrs J HBracknell
£10695788Mr B EGerrards Cross
£10494910Mr P DPrinces Risborough
£10194877Mrs L HLondon
£1076418Mrs P CSt. Albans
£10366358Mrs K PWatford
£10172968Mrs R HHemel Hempstead
£1042040Mrs C TUxbridge
£10846022Mr R DGreat Missenden
£1088735Mr A FLuton
£10310741Mrs E PHemel Hempstead
£10926492Mrs G GAylesbury
£10195455Mr T HHigh Wycombe
£10840243Mr K SSt. Albans
£1060125Mrs K FKirkliston
£1034412Mr A BDunstable
£1057841Mrs B PNorthwood
£10109484Mrs I GBerkhamsted
£10302505Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£10224616Ms N BNorthwood
£10368415Mrs A WBerkhamsted
£1046401Mr D WChesham
£1081983Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£1029006Mrs S JAylesbury
£10196239Mr N BHemel Hempstead
£10180166Mr C EHemel Hempstead
£10274696Mrs A RBerkhamsted
£1015241Ms K CSt. Albans
£10468166Mr K SHarpenden
£10224228Mrs P FChesham
£1054185Mrs S NAbbots Langley
£10399277Mr T LStanmore
£10727451Mrs G HHarpenden
£10344996Mrs P TAylesbury
£10332941Mrs M MBerkhamsted
£108806Mr W YAylesbury
£1049536Mrs E AHemel Hempstead
£1090791Single Ticket Winner-
£1066449Mr P RAylesbury
£1031600Mrs C MKings Langley
£1011592Mrs H BHemel Hempstead
£1015299Mrs F OHigh Wycombe
£10316754Mr J AHigh Wycombe
£10492490Mrs V CAylesbury
£10229281Mrs A WBerkhamsted
£1048894Mr G FSt. Albans
£10654596Mrs L WAylesbury
£1035417Mr D MHemel Hempstead
£1072920Mr R RLeighton Buzzard
£10854610Ms M MNorthwood
£10597066Mr M BSt. Albans
£10622477Mr G GLeighton Buzzard
£1070417Mrs D HUxbridge
£1074539Mrs T KBerkhamsted
£1013270Mrs C SRickmansworth
Prize Number Name Location
£100045609Mrs D CAylesbury
£100235037Mrs S DLeighton Buzzard
£10081254Mrs A BBerkhamsted
£10046184Mrs K SMaidenhead
£2036152Mrs D HHemel Hempstead
£20653924Mrs E AWelwyn Garden City
£20748603Ms C VSt. Albans
£2090038Single Ticket Sales-
£20282589Mrs R PHemel Hempstead
£2045548Mrs C HSt. Albans
£2023431Mrs J VMaidenhead
£20175229Mr J HAylesbury
£2065342Mrs S CAylesbury
£20923062Mrs K WSt. Albans
£20187720Mr J MNorthwood
£2037959Mr R MLeighton Buzzard
£2080915Mr & Mrs W JSt. Albans
£20243878Mrs M KBerkhamsted
£20212097Mrs M MGreat Missenden
£20318597Mr G PKings Langley
£2048464Mr T DSlough
£20605411Mrs J PChesham
£2031952Mrs N HRuislip
£203034Mrs T QOxford
£2085450Ms J HBerkhamsted
£20406153Mrs J KHigh Wycombe
£20210103Mr G RHigh Wycombe
£2079036Mrs H HSlough
£2080301Mrs E GMaidenhead
£20868793Mr J NDunstable
£20924368Mr G WHigh Wycombe
£2016084Mrs M BHigh Wycombe
£20748266Mr H CSt. Albans
£20107271Mr M AAylesbury
£1090495Single Ticket Sales-
£10162386Mrs M SHigh Wycombe
£10210917Mr D HSt. Albans
£10196091Mrs B HGreat Missenden
£1090525Single Ticket Sales-
£10339113Mr T CChesham
£10429492Mr J SMarlow
£106753Mrs M WChalfont St. Giles
£102062Miss L TAylesbury
£10303243Mrs B HGreat Missenden
£10208767Mrs L HHigh Wycombe
£10295032Mr G BKings Langley
£10148830Mrs N PAmersham
£1011170Mrs L FHemel Hempstead
£10286676Miss S FWatford
£1036353Mrs G MKings Langley
£10308402Mrs P BHemel Hempstead
£10794694Mrs A NHarpenden
£10498871Mrs D WNorthwood
£10157992Mr A NBerkhamsted
£1086351Mr C LWindsor
£10459121Mrs S SChinnor
£1060256Mrs L MAmersham
£1076065Mrs J SHigh Wycombe
£1080779Mrs M GBerkhamsted
£10251689Ms C LLondon
£1056448Mrs F FAylesbury
£10928210Mrs S GWatford
£10344849Mrs E DWatford
£1044327Mrs A RRickmansworth
£1018553Mr P KMarlow
£10377080Ms C HHigh Wycombe
£10203847Miss T MSt. Albans
£1016365Mr G KUxbridge
£10687860Mr D WHigh Wycombe
£10591192Mrs P MAylesbury
£10734853Ms A BHemel Hempstead
£108541Mrs K DLuton
£10271203Mrs A GLeighton Buzzard
£10278324Mr M SChalfont St. Giles
£10496218Mrs J RTring
£10237781Mrs V JRickmansworth
£10977878Mrs P HMaidenhead
£1056542Mrs H OTring
£10407091Mr P CLeighton Buzzard
£1033729Mrs K BSt. Albans
£10171484Mrs A BUxbridge
£1069662Mrs P LPinner
£1044134Mrs W HMaidenhead
£102872Ms S MSt. Albans
£10264720Mr P PHemel Hempstead
£1087762Mrs K DUxbridge
£1037894Mr S CBerkhamsted
£1050400Mrs B CHigh Wycombe
£10852993Miss D CRickmansworth
£10369135Miss E RLeighton Buzzard
£1035526Miss P LWindsor
£10392432Mr S HChesham
£1034496Mr P RGreat Missenden
£1080613Mrs J JHigh Wycombe
£10490149Mr H AHigh Wycombe
£1078652Ms S MHemel Hempstead
£10987581Mrs M BBerkhamsted
£10386881Mr A BBourne End
£1067351Mrs S HSlough
£105444Miss J BBanbury
£1045965Mr C SAylesbury
£10195158Ms R CRuislip
£1067319Mr C HGreat Missenden
£1036920Mr K TRickmansworth
£1083779Mrs P AGuildford
£10202027Mr D AHemel Hempstead
£10220123Mrs J KThame
£10420636Mrs A BHemel Hempstead
£1045678Mrs S BRickmansworth
£1014211Mr P RHigh Wycombe
£1019601Mrs E HThame
£1031285Mr E HHigh Wycombe
£10604670Mrs V BHemel Hempstead
£10835197Ms D PSt. Albans
Prize Number Name Location
£1000235576Mrs B SHigh Wycombe
£100309900Mr J DHarpenden
£10035402Lady . DReading
£10065736Mrs J NAylesbury
£20111930Mrs J CUxbridge
£2090164Single Ticket Winner-
£20140202Mrs V RTring
£2049137Mr J MGerrards Cross
£20287985Mr G SHarpenden
£20431197Mr I WHemel Hempstead
£205785Mr C RTring
£20106553Mrs S BChesham
£20998846 D MRickmansworth
£20769675Mrs D PMarlow
£20358630Mrs J BWelwyn
£20859899Mr A MBerkhamsted
£20783679Mr C CRuislip
£20226475Mrs J BTring
£20497Mrs L TMarlow
£20227940Mrs M MSt. Albans
£2037235Mr M NMarlow
£20989219Mrs J WBuckingham
£20581347Mrs S WDunstable
£2037262Mrs S WTring
£2065170Mrs E MSt. Albans
£20572419Mr R BBerkhamsted
£20943071Mr J MHigh Wycombe
£2052779Mr R HBuckingham
£20175910Mr A GSt. Albans
£20257646Mrs C CSt. Albans
£20205034Mr S QUxbridge
£20784398Mr M WHigh Wycombe
£2062901Mrs M TWelwyn
£20374390Mr M JHemel Hempstead
£1081628Mrs J DSt. Albans
£10173787Mr G LBerkhamsted
£103258Mr J LTring
£10263181Mrs C RBuckingham
£1030921Mrs D MBeaconsfield
£10213784Mr M CChesham
£1060067Mrs A PLondon
£1055908Mrs J BHemel Hempstead
£1077621Ms A MHigh Wycombe
£10317232Mrs S TBerkhamsted
£10328970Mrs N MBracknell
£10394072Mrs J SHigh Wycombe
£10235909Mr R LMarlow
£1089284Mrs W PAmersham
£10331726Mr D HUxbridge
£1037603Mrs K GHatfield
£1017833Mr K LBeaconsfield
£10368444Mr R HBerkhamsted
£1032663Mrs J MSlough
£10341333Mrs R STring
£10406829Mrs P THigh Wycombe
£1091721Single Ticket Winner-
£1018534Mrs J DSt. Albans
£10215427Mr G HBerkhamsted
£1030865Mrs A HRickmansworth
£10610863Mrs C DPinner
£10284066Mr R BBorehamwood
£1091812Single Ticket Winner-
£10486277Mr D UPinner
£10315786Mrs J CHigh Wycombe
£10205876Mrs B BKings Langley
£1090082Single Ticket Winner-
£10469993Mr N SBerkhamsted
£1024864Mrs S CBracknell
£1017458Mr J WGerrards Cross
£1036508Mrs J MWindsor
£1087137Mr & Mrs . WDunstable
£1027693Mr T TSt. Albans
£10195289Mrs Y PKings Langley
£10339219Ms M BHemel Hempstead
£10242493Mrs O WRuislip
£1025319Mr J EBourne End
£10201003Mrs S HSt. Albans
£10310052Mr D CSt. Albans
£1058881Mrs J HSlough
£1047927Mrs J RBerkhamsted
£10528960Mr R MChesham
£1057305Mrs M KSlough
£10350760Miss T JHigh Wycombe
£1050736Mrs S BHemel Hempstead
£10287861Mrs G AMarlow
£10200028Mrs I JHigh Wycombe
£1090232Single Ticket Winner-
£10820743Mr S MRadlett
£10396150Mr G DTring
£10253158Mr J LKings Langley
£10328496Mr T MBourne End
£10221120Mr J FHigh Wycombe
£1018543Mrs M KSlough
£10646382Ms A WAylesbury
£10213921Mrs B GHigh Wycombe
£10206351Mrs M JAylesbury
£10216896Ms H HAylesbury
£10478587Mrs N WTring
£10648489Mr A AAylesbury
£10480522Mr G MGerrards Cross
£1056353Mr A MMaidenhead
£1064303Mr R BSlough
£10143474Mrs C STring
£1074558Mr R HHarefield
£10895259Mrs K MRickmansworth
£1086535Mr A CPinner
£10529715Mrs W PHigh Wycombe
£1087458Dr. S SNorthwood
£10247366Mrs F WRadlett
£1064969Mrs J GHigh Wycombe
£10501184Mr M BBerkhamsted
£10261815Miss C SHigh Wycombe
£10503876Mr A BMaidenhead
£10238342Mrs J BSt. Albans
Prize Number Name Location
£1000355708Mrs N CRuislip
£100537941Mr N BNorthwood
£100838987Mrs M BChesham
£100717322Mr S JHemel Hempstead
£20421560Mr P WSt. Albans
£20622194Mrs J HAbbots Langley
£20560404Mrs S FNortholt
£20710998Mr M ATring
£20873265Mr R BSt. Albans
£20443743Mr J SHemel Hempstead
£2090149Single Ticket Winner-
£20744871Mrs M SHemel Hempstead
£2069682Mrs V BAmersham
£20520887Mrs N LRickmansworth
£20444972Mrs B CHigh Wycombe
£2040624Mrs J BHemel Hempstead
£20982969Mr A LHemel Hempstead
£20272934Mr G CHemel Hempstead
£20234386Mrs S DHigh Wycombe
£20476047Mr R LHemel Hempstead
£20851381Mrs T CAbbots Langley
£2016184Miss M CHemel Hempstead
£20718613Mr J BHemel Hempstead
£2060364Mr B KBracknell
£2049817Mrs J VBourne End
£20744026Mrs G LAylesbury
£20209594Mrs D RRuislip
£20149365Miss J CWatford
£20243948Mr I YAylesbury
£2071051Dr. F GHigh Wycombe
£20778879Mrs B JHigh Wycombe
£20917564Mr J WAylesbury
£20307691Miss D BAylesbury
£2043361Mr D PPinner
£1068955Mr J CSlough
£10935751Mrs D PHemel Hempstead
£10442571Mr N KHemel Hempstead
£10340923Mr M PAylesbury
£10808656Mr D LLeighton Buzzard
£10610579Mr J HTring
£1045355Mr V HAylesbury
£10418768Mr J CSlough
£10849880Mr C MChesham
£1082823Ms M HSt. Albans
£10892542Ms N GRuislip
£10988433Mr K NAylesbury
£10296631Mrs J PHemel Hempstead
£10296446Mrs T SLeighton Buzzard
£10174734Miss T CBarnet
£10401203Mrs E BHigh Wycombe
£1032169Mr P NNorthwood
£10355825Mrs P NWatford
£10424606Mrs R LOxford
£10150002Mrs G THemel Hempstead
£1021390Dr. D EWatlington
£10305133Mr B TAscot
£10172921Mrs V FDunstable
£1084693Ms B TTring
£10428326Mr J LHemel Hempstead
£10718107Mrs S PHigh Wycombe
£10344465Mr A SPrinces Risborough
£108426Mr S KSt. Albans
£10993977Mrs M DWatford
£10291450Mrs T EDunstable
£10484673Mrs J KHarefield
£10397114Mrs P DHayes
£10275427Mrs M KRickmansworth
£1050789Mrs I CBerkhamsted
£1027522Mrs A AChinnor
£10386613Mr J NAylesbury
£10881963Mrs J MBushey
£10336500Mr J NSt. Albans
£1087214Ms M BSt. Albans
£10483164Miss J HAylesbury
£106197Mr G SBerkhamsted
£10245202Mr P BHemel Hempstead
£10406613Mr J WRickmansworth
£1053463Mrs P RChesham
£1053166Mr T HRuislip
£1071679Mrs D SHemel Hempstead
£10213072Mr A HHigh Wycombe
£1090410Single Ticket Winner-
£10158219Ms I FSlough
£10192771Mrs J MAscot
£1026196Mr R KMaidenhead
£1091284Single Ticket Winner-
£10744074Mr E MHarpenden
£10729140Mrs R HHemel Hempstead
£1081592Mr G SMilton Keynes
£1020641Mrs J BMaidenhead
£1028010Mrs E PSt. Albans
£10697117Mr S TAylesbury
£1018632Ms C MWindsor
£1044305Mrs E CSt. Albans
£10373908Mr J CSt. Albans
£10220525Mrs D FAmersham
£10781061Mr D BHigh Wycombe
£10356881Mrs M LWindsor
£1058671Mrs S BAylesbury
£10895021Mrs P HSt. Albans
£10254791Mr P CMarlow
£1083559Mrs V BHigh Wycombe
£10127563Mr J BHarpenden
£10186046Mr D HBeaconsfield
£10780754Mr D HPinner
£10828414Mr D DWatford
£1020913Mr P CHigh Wycombe
£1090953Single Ticket Winner-
£10417524Mr M ESt. Albans
£10854783Mr P WLeighton Buzzard
£10340172Dr. A JWalton-on-Thames
£1026568Mrs D WAylesbury
£10912846Mrs E PKings Langley
£1050659Dr. R MMarlow
Prize Number Name Location
£100069990Miss M HBerkhamsted
£100152613Mr D BMarlow
£100105959Mrs L WHemel Hempstead
£100874863Mr P FRickmansworth
£2028169Mrs A MHazlemere
£2012831Dr. G BBeaconsfield
£20291168Mrs J DAbbots Langley
£2013273Mrs J SHemel Hempstead
£2052041Mr P GAylesbury
£20512795Mr T DMarlow
£2032839Mrs J PLeighton Buzzard
£20119661Mr I LHemel Hempstead
£20145366Mrs S BHemel Hempstead
£20285703Mrs J RThame
£20800651Mrs J SAylesbury
£2057593Mrs S TRugby
£20496192Mrs L BBerkhamsted
£20205759Mrs M CHigh Wycombe
£2091296Single Ticket Winner-
£20277657Miss K WHemel Hempstead
£2036058Mrs E CHemel Hempstead
£20416648Mr J MHigh Wycombe
£20795672Mrs G PSt. Albans
£20803578Mr R THemel Hempstead
£20180408Ms J WRuislip
£207264Mr B AHigh Wycombe
£20676369Mrs W HPinner
£20993624Mr N LHigh Wycombe
£2087672Ms H HMaidenhead
£2010342Mrs E PLeighton Buzzard
£2071679Mrs D SHemel Hempstead
£20511843Mr N SSt. Albans
£2057137Mrs S RGreat Missenden
£20171285Miss S SKings Langley
£10215061Mrs J RBourne End
£10300599Mrs S SAylesbury
£10719758Mrs C MMarlow
£10193290Mrs R THarpenden
£10797813Mrs E TSt. Albans
£10109122Mrs J CBerkhamsted
£1072311Mrs A MReading
£10394795Mrs C BRickmansworth
£105704Mrs C MAylesbury
£1038511Mrs M SHigh Wycombe
£10685572Mrs H KTring
£10746615Mr A WBerkhamsted
£1090226Single Ticket Winner-
£1026767Mrs C OSt. Albans
£10526488Mr L TMarlow
£10586894Mr M TAylesbury
£10333730Mrs S DSt. Albans
£10108596Mr G RPrinces Risborough
£10385203Ms E BHemel Hempstead
£1090053Single Ticket Winner-
£102121Mrs E MAylesbury
£10526188Mr D BWatford
£1029480Mrs E LAylesbury
£1033290Mrs F MGreat Missenden
£10849858Mrs D MHemel Hempstead
£1084904Mr A EAylesbury
£1028381Mr R WRickmansworth
£10492191Mrs V HBracknell
£1092015Single Ticket Winner-
£10419895Mrs J EHemel Hempstead
£10235397Mrs M PSt. Albans
£102812Mr A BFerndown
£10104768Mrs N RAylesbury
£1052109Mrs M CAmersham
£10282996Mr R PHemel Hempstead
£1090931Single Ticket Winner-
£10343550Mrs J BPrinces Risborough
£10381442Mrs B OGreat Missenden
£10506141Mr I MRickmansworth
£1091418Single Ticket Winner-
£10404877Mr R CAylesbury
£10557367Mr G PMaidenhead
£10464015Mrs S FMaidenhead
£10254791Mr P CMarlow
£10260599Mrs P EHarpenden
£1027515Mrs P TPrinces Risborough
£10220394Mrs J BBerkhamsted
£1086614Miss C SRuislip
£10363215Mrs J PAylesbury
£1013397Mr J MLeamington Spa
£10769414Mrs C BAylesbury
£1051619Mrs T DHarpenden
£10201377Mrs K SAylesbury
£10910292Mrs B WBuckingham
£10183147Mrs I WTring
£10452216Mr E RHemel Hempstead
£10483801Mr L MUxbridge
£1029905Mrs B BKings Langley
£10393268Mr S BGreat Missenden
£10348563Mrs I WGerrards Cross
£10219187Mr P MNorthwood
£104510Mr A TTring
£10867174Mr A PHigh Wycombe
£10499807Mrs J VUxbridge
£1047891Mr C GHigh Wycombe
£1015850Mrs A GTring
£1073308Mrs E LPrinces Risborough
£10376692Mrs N THarrow
£10429243Rev. V BTring
£10866737Miss V LHemel Hempstead
£10208741Mrs M MRuislip
£1056861Mr M HHemel Hempstead
£102872Ms S MSt. Albans
£10895005Mr R KGerrards Cross
£10474970Mrs V MTring
£10277926Mrs A PHolmer Green
£10671605Mr S CAylesbury
£1022180Mr D TChesham
£1049865Mrs J HBerkhamsted
£10208779Mrs S SRickmansworth
Prize Number Name Location
£100037284Mr N ABerkhamsted
£10081983Mr J SHigh Wycombe
£10085461Mrs A VSt. Albans
£10070728Lady M HChalfont St. Giles
£20306365Mrs J FHemel Hempstead
£20256201Mr A LBovingdon
£2044357Mr S MSoulbury
£20579359Mr D ETring
£20973180Mr L CPitstone
£20514264Mrs S KSt. Albans
£2036227Mrs C AOxford
£2074110Mrs J DMaidenhead
£2050639Mr D BTring
£2037830Mr T PSt. Albans
£209401Mr B FBerkhamsted
£20226995Mr R BAylesbury
£20335981Mr A NSt. Albans
£20981179Mr R WHemel Hempstead
£2037851Mr R UPrinces Risborough
£2066576Mrs B HHigh Wycombe
£20386613Mr J NAylesbury
£20284221Dr C GSt. Albans
£20176380Miss E HKings Langley
£2083410Mr R LBerkhamsted
£2052626Mr C DKings Langley
£20480277Mrs S SDunstable
£2074481Mr H STring
£2078711Mrs K DWindsor
£2056012Mrs G HMaidenhead
£2023038Mrs J CSt. Albans
£20408896Mr H BBourne End
£20358290Mr L HSt. Albans
£20905079Mr T BAylesbury
£2061987Mrs D AWindsor
£10733057Mrs L GBovingdon
£10364725Mrs H PSlough
£10184402Miss A JRuislip
£10380868Mrs M GChinnor
£1028352Mrs S GAylesbury
£1057854Miss J MAylesbury
£10199065Mrs F APinner
£10587338Mr J RAylesbury
£10379587Mr D TBeaconsfield
£10370235Mrs F KBovingdon
£10507432Ms F ASt. Albans
£1018834Miss J SLondon Colney
£10182452Ms J DChalfont St. Peter
£10782909Mrs V MSt. Albans
£10421443Ms K HRuislip
£10413687Mr B FHemel Hempstead
£10263597Mrs S PHillingdon
£1010342Mrs E PLedburn
£10127442Mrs S BHemel Hempstead
£1047940Mrs J SAylesbury
£10302091Mrs P BKings Langley
£10214699Mrs F HSt. Albans
£10117418Ms C EWatford
£10292376Mr A BHemel Hempstead
£1016365Mr G KUxbridge
£10645932Mr I DMaidenhead
£1010311Mr J RAylesbury
£10680396Mrs S HChesham
£10101868Mrs C KBerkhamsted
£1050351Mrs M RAscot
£10822140Miss E CHaddenham
£10389457Mrs I AKnowl Hill
£1038963Miss K CWatford
£1026956Mrs J AHolsworthy
£1088975Mrs G WHaddenham
£10501975Mrs E PHigh Wycombe
£10597373Mr J TChesham
£10987882Mrs M SWatford
£1023042Mrs P GSt. Albans
£10532578Mr J MRickmansworth
£10909715Mr C EAylesbury
£1045894Mrs P SAscot
£1065450Mrs C MNorthwood
£10337660Ms C LFareham
£102812Mr A BFerndown
£10246753Mrs J BHemel Hempstead
£10515016Mrs H BAmersham
£1023911Mrs C LAylesbury
£10275295Mrs V LWindsor
£1023637Mrs M GChesham
£10740528Mrs V JHarpenden
£10613537Miss D MRuislip
£10359310Mrs S MBerkhamsted
£10961846Ms S LHigh Wycombe
£10299234Mr J DGreat Missendem
£10198295Mrs S WUxbridge
£10373730Mrs V ELane End
£10754794Mr N THarpenden
£1030835Mrs J EHigh Wycombe
£10928210Mrs S GWatford
£1018553Mr P KMarlow
£1079356Mrs E MBerkhamsted
£10466115Dr D HSt. Albans
£1037764Mr A SChatham
£1011348Mr R MHemel Hempstead
£10395911Mr K FDenham
£10290938Mrs P JBeaconsfield
£107590Mr & Mrs B BSlough
£10369056Mr W WSlough
£1042050Mr P OGreat Missendale
£10137141Mr P DPrinces Risborough
£10585172Mrs D NWatford
£10488541Mrs I TNorthwood
£1042136Mr J WPrinces Risborough
£10358595Miss E SSt. Albans
Prize Number Name Location
£1000198918Mrs J WHigh Wycombe
£10037016Mrs B MSt. Albans
£100816390Mr C PKings Langley
£100791925Mr I RHemel Hempstead
£20429542Mr V SHemel Hempstead
£2090643Single Ticket Winner-
£20553557Mr A WKings Langley
£20188019Mr K BBerkhamsted
£2059677Mrs F MSt. Albans
£2090120Single Ticket Winner-
£20111644Mrs J FUxbridge
£20217618Mr M ABracknell
£2016206Mrs M CMaidenhead
£2015225Mrs M TAylesbury
£203476Mrs E PAylesbury
£20126356Mrs M RSt. Albans
£2091275Single Ticket Winner-
£20473385Mrs P HSt. Albans
£2055361Mr/Ms A TAylesbury
£20743953Mrs T MMaidenhead
£20847336Mrs J WHigh Wycombe
£20435769Mrs L CHigh Wycombe
£20215978Mrs T JSt. Albans
£209918Mrs H HChesham
£20780284Dr J SWatford
£20577921Mr D BAylesbury
£20282657Mr J JHarpenden
£20365324Mr C HTring
£20323827Mrs A DMarlow
£20125983Prof. G MReigate
£20215205Mrs K RLeighton Buzzard
£20231731Mr T EPinner
£20792187Miss R MStevenage
£204740Mr S DTring
£10469784Mrs J SSt. Albans
£10834866Mr G BSt. Albans
£109408Mrs D BAylesbury
£10472101Mr R SChesham
£10531761Mr J FAylesbury
£10701477Mr P LSt. Albans
£1026359Mrs C SAylesbury
£10764100Mr N WAylesbury
£10213221Mr M CHigh Wycombe
£1051035Mrs S DLeighton Buzzard
£1073851Mr T STring
£1078345Mrs G PBerkhamsted
£102616Mr B HAylesbury
£10711804Mr M SHarpenden
£10315217Dr. A RHemel Hempstead
£10114415Mr M GSt. Albans
£10939715Mr M HBerkhamsted
£10104532Mrs E CUxbridge
£10222825Mr A WAylesbury
£10635470Mr T SHemel Hempstead
£10117685Mrs B CHayes
£1075359Mr G PHemel Hempstead
£1084175Mrs C KUxbridge
£10542715Mr V KHemel Hempstead
£10662621Mrs J NHayes
£10454687Mrs L BSt. Albans
£10705706Miss L LHemel Hempstead
£1075519Mrs P YHigh Wycombe
£10392198Mrs L SHemel Hempstead
£10191009Ms C BBerkhamsted
£1039058Mr G GHayes
£1072114Mr J MSt. Albans
£1073239Mr R FRuislip
£10907059Mrs L HChalfont St. Giles
£10564384Mr M EPrinces Risborough
£10676573Mrs F FSt. Albans
£10983864Miss Y SHigh Wycombe
£10867464Mrs D HBuckingham
£1087930Mr J FHarpenden
£1027128Mr J OBasingstoke
£10182673Mrs G SHemel Hempstead
£10309586Mrs S SBuckingham
£10937242Mrs M RWatford
£10478275Mr C FHemel Hempstead
£10951672Mr J PAylesbury
£1091248Single Ticket Winner-
£10140880Mrs A HChalfont St. Giles
£10518799Miss K DBerkhamsted
£1031519Mr P MChesham
£1012204Mrs J CHemel Hempstead
£10125144Mrs M HSlough
£10236197Mrs J AHayes
£10703148Mrs L BWatford
£1031251Mrs J CTring
£10188812Mr M IDunstable
£1028827Mrs P SAylesbury
£10319867Mrs W GHigh Wycombe
£10413954Miss M CSlough
£107225Mrs E HAylesbury
£1018913Mrs K CLondon
£10188936Ms J BAylesbury
£10839106Ms D MHigh Wycombe
£10334665Mrs L HPinner
£1014209Miss J KHemel Hempstead
£10281211Ms V SHemel Hempstead
£10166263Mr T RSt. Albans
£10218716Mrs B THemel Hempstead
£1034686Mrs S MBourne End
£10376053Mrs D BSlough
£10168435Mrs M JHemel Hempstead
£1058080Mr R ASlough
£10774050Dr A HChesham
£10749364Miss C DKings Langley
£10351371Mr P LHigh Wycombe
£1086316Mrs H CHigh Wycombe
£1015362Mrs B KBorehamwood
£107220Mrs V CTemplecombe
£10254415Mr G ESt. Albans
£1077731Mr M CSt. Albans
£10778917Mr C TRuislip
Prize Number Name Location
£1000752894Mrs F FSt. Albans
£10088512Mrs N ARickmansworth
£100670638Mrs F RPinner
£100150337Mr P KMarlow
£2015362Mrs B KBorehamwood
£20367624Mrs H GMarlow
£20990698Mrs M LHigh Wycombe
£20358210Mrs K CWinslow
£20240895Mrs C CAylesbury
£2060266Mrs S AWindsor
£2025574Mr P AAylesbury
£20109444Mr S CBovingdon
£2043394Mrs J HHigh Wycombe
£2046958Mrs B TWendover
£2023568Mrs R BBushey
£2018081Mrs A BTring
£20205728Mr A BAbbots Langley
£20212149Mrs K SLuton
£2086885Mr J DFlackwell Heath
£20215624Mrs S WUxbridge
£20328935Miss L AWendover
£20118517Mrs M SBeaconsfield
£20840170Mrs S LAston Clinton
£2083617Mr C HBurnham
£20404922Mrs A ORuislip
£20189319Mrs J RPinner
£20881988Mrs S SMaidenhead
£20412138Mr J SAmersham
£2024762Mr M RWelham Green
£2081477Mrs J AMaidenhead
£2080686Mrs A SWindsor
£20796114Mr T MChalfont St. Giles
£207837Mrs C MNorthwood
£2028903Mrs J KBourne End
£10247297Mrs P DBeaconsfield
£10495781Mr D MRickmansworth
£10763619Mr K CAylesbury
£10385140Miss V HHemel Hempstead
£1022622Mrs M HSt. Albans
£10924017Mrs S CHigh Wycombe
£10185035Mr R GSt. Albans
£1087451Mrs A MBerkhamsted
£10192781Miss L BBeaconsfield
£10178188Mr P CTring
£10407880Mr A ARickmansworth
£1065000Mrs C DHarrow
£1050516Mrs D SHarefield
£1027582Mrs S GMaidenhead
£105250Mrs V GPotten End
£10940084Mrs E HHarpenden
£1011809Mrs I SChalfont St. Giles
£107243Mrs E BCheddington
£1065318Miss H ETring
£10721355Mr D SPrestwood
£10700255Mrs L CHarpenden
£103699Mrs J PWingrave
£1087059Mr A WLuton
£1050072Mrs E CHarpenden
£10283493Mr E CAbbots Langley
£10631689Mrs J FHemel Hempstead
£1056825Mrs J SWendover
£10441984Mrs Y LWeymouth
£10914507Mr A SPrinces Risborough
£10507431Miss A GRickmansworth
£10465358Mrs A RChesham
£10279012Mrs J BOxford Road
£10859604Mr P AAylesbury
£10839814Mrs K GBerkhamsted
£10219563Mr J BAylesbury
£1076600Mr C BBerkhamsted
£1036502Mrs S BMaidenhead
£1033685Mrs S GStaines-Upon-Thames
£10228143Mrs A RHigh Wycombe
£10116475Mrs C FAbbots Langley
£1033394Mrs K DBeaconsfield
£10404776Mrs B GWatton At Stone
£10374336Mrs M SMarlow
£1085033Mr M BHigh Wycombe
£10190952Mrs C BUxbridge
£10340741Mr D HHigh Wycombe
£10994058Mr D SHayes
£105888Mrs G SMaidenhead
£10193589Mrs I RSt. Albans
£1025589Mr F HMaidenhead
£1014010Mrs A BBricket Wood
£1012362Mrs D FHemel Hempstead
£1058175Mrs D MAylesbury
£1072480Mr P NMarlow
£107845Mr L DNorthchurch
£1037708Mrs N MWindsor
£10957108Mrs J NMarlow
£1082081Mr S SHigh Wycombe
£1041950Mr N EWatford
£10891927Mr J WPrinces Risborough
£10760463Ms H KHaddenham
£1051506Mr P SBerkhamsted
£10276064Mrs M LWendover
£10863206Mr S HAylesbury
£1052190Mrs S WChesham
£1088314Mr C BHarpenden
£10477078Miss T MSt. Albans
£10487747Mr R GWindsor
£10207216Mr A PAdstock
£10294823Mrs J RChesham
£1059906Mrs T OTorquay
£10327561Mr T BEdgware
£105353Mrs G GAylesbury
£10246540Mr S MRadlett
£1038976Mr D PPinner
£10303775Mrs O RBricket Wood
£1070895Mr C SGerrards Cross

Superdraw Results

Prize Number Name Location
Shendish ManorMr M SLeicester
Prize Number Name Location
1st8478Mr I BHazlemere
2nd80755Mrs P KWigginton
3rd60916Miss S HSt. Albans
4th78955Mrs B WPrestwood
4th89724Mr D AChalfont St. Peter
Prize Number Name Location
�10 M&S Voucher59826HammondSt. Albans
�10 M&S Voucher33905SwanHigh Wycombe
�10 M&S Voucher82062WallaceEaton Bray
�10 M&S Voucher1335CanaleHemel Hempstead
�10 M&S Voucher76407EvansCroxley Green
�10 M&S Voucher52489GormanHemel Hempstead
�10 M&S Voucher91553HughesRudgwick
�10 M&S Voucher35221GallagherHayes
�10 M&S Voucher59849AllenSt. Albans
�10 M&S Voucher300008RussellWatford
Prize Number Name Location
Stoke PlaceMrs S TMilton Keynes
Prize Number Name Location
1st6094Mr G J EIver

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