Mrs A donates some back to our cause


There are certain moments that make our work at The Hospice Lottery seem even more worthwhile – like when a winner turns out to be both a former community nurse and recipient of hospice care herself. There can’t have been many more deserving winners of our whopping £9,600 Rollover prize in March 2015.

Mrs A from Hemel Hempstead signed up to the Lottery in 2012 while at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood receiving cancer treatment of her own. She had previously won two small amounts on the Lottery but was absolutely delighted to win big: “Wow! What a lovely surprise. I joined The Hospice Lottery to give something back to local charities – the care that these hospices give is so special – I never expected to win”

Not only a patient, Mrs A also used to be a Community Nurse Manager working alongside nurses from our partner hospices, Rennie Grove Hospice Care and The Hospice of St Francis, so is doubly aware of the fantastic work they do.

When asked what she would spend the money on she said: “Well it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but after three years I hopefully come to the end of my treatment in May, so a nice long holiday is definitely in order. But I would also like to donate back £600 to The Hospice Lottery to say ‘thank you’.” Her husband also joked that some of it will probably go on wool as she loves knitting so much.

Belinda Ellis from The Hospice Lottery said: “When we presented her with her cheque, you could see the excitement in her eyes and her genuine appreciation. It’s moments like that which make our job even more special.”